One Piece Episode 277


While the residents are fleeing to the evacuation ship, the officials have discovered the Poneglyph. But no matter what they tried, they could not damage it.

Square in front of the Tree of Omniscience: Using a Den-den Mushi, Spandine has made a connection with the Five Elders, who are saddened to have to destroy Ohara, but they have violated Universal Law. Professor Shamrock interrupts them and they recognize him. He is known to them as a highly honored scientist. That now just such an authority is breaking the law is tragic. Shamrock finds the past belongs to all people and no one should stop them from learning about it. The Five Elders fear the activation of the Ancient Weapon, which is explained in the Poneglyphs. The researchers on Ohara currently want to know the most about why the Poneglyphs exist, why someone carved texts on indestructible stones and spread them all over the world.

Shamrock shares his views with the Five Elders. However, when he tries to speak the name of the Great Kingdom, he is shot and silenced by Spandine on the orders of the Five Elders. Robin has overheard everything from a safe distance and runs back to the Professor.

The Five Elders also finally give the order to completely destroy Ohara and his scientists because they know too much. Spandine pulls out the golden Den-den Mushi he received from Admiral Sengoku, presses it, and gives the order for a Buster Call. The receiving snail, a silver Den-den Mushi, sounds on a battleship and immediately all ships move into position. A fire has been set in the Tree of Knowledge, the researchers are beside themselves as priceless books are now burning. The officials depart and the explorers race to the tree to salvage as much as they can. Spandine allows Olvia to be taken, as she has valuable information for him. When Robin sees her, she recognizes her mother in her and tearfully explains that she became an archaeologist so she could be with her, which Spandine also hears. The Buster Call begins and the island is extensively bombed.

When Spandine realizes that he is not safe on the island, he immediately gives the order to escape. Robin’s face is to be remembered and they are not to let her leave the island. They also leave Olvia behind because they don’t have time to take her away. The explorers continue to try and extinguish the Tree of Omniscience, despite the bombardment. Between the explosions and smoke, Nico Robin and Nico Olvia, her mother, sit across from each other hand in hand. Olvia hugs Robin to her. Professor Shamrock sits nearby, apologizing for not taking better care of Robin. But Olvia is proud of her daughter and that she can decipher the Poneglyphs. Suddenly Saul appears and is glad to have found Robin.

Olvia is surprised to see Saul on Ohara, who considers it fate itself to have been shipwrecked right here. She entrusts her daughter to him and yells after her to live. Saul takes Robin in his hand and begins to run. Olvia is happy to have been called Mama and yells after her daughter to live. On a naval battleship, a sailor sees Saul and tells Vice Admiral Kuzan that the escaped Vice Admiral Saul is on Ohara.

In a flashback, you see Saul, as a Vice Admiral of the Navy, meet Olvia. His crew has killed all the ship’s archaeologists except Olvia, who taunts him when he asks her if she is looking for the Ancient Weapon. At a naval base a short time later, he receives orders from Sengoku to participate in the Buster Call. However, the latter wants to see proof before killing people, which makes Sengoku very angry. But since the giant can only follow orders that match his sense of justice, he frees Olvia and escapes.

Ohara, Buster Call: Saul has Robin locked in his hands and is trying to escape the fire that is now aimed at him. Robin is afraid, but Saul encourages her to be proud of her mother and Ohara. Eventually she will pass on Ohara’s story and fight back through it. He misses a bullet and it hits him in the face. He sets Robin down and apologizes, walking up to the naval fighter and lifting it completely out of the water.

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