One Piece Episode 275


Roof of the courthouse: The Straw Hat Pirates continues to stand resolutely on the parapet and must hope for the Franky Family to lower the drawbridge. The CP9 agents face it on the other side at the Justice Tower and they are looking forward to the fight, they get to kill the Straw Hats now after all. Spandam gives them the order for total annihilation of the gang, but not until they cross the ravine. He taunts the Straw Hats and proudly displays the golden Den-den Mushi that gives him the authority to make the Buster Call. Laughing, he stands in front of Nico Robin and asks her what the Buster Call was like 20 years ago on Ohara, her home. Exasperated, she yells at him not to push the button. Ohara, she says, didn’t just disappear off the map. A map says nothing about the inhabitants, and that’s the only way the world government can use such inhumane methods.

Westblue 20 years ago, Ohara: Eight-year-old Nico Robin is sitting on a tree stump reading a book. Several children throw rocks at her and call her a monster, but are beaten up by Robin’s devilish strength. The mother of one of the boys confronts her about how she could think of just beating her son. Robin is treated like an outsider and looks enviously at other happy children. She lives with her aunt Roji, her husband and their daughter. Since it is the daughter’s birthday that night, they have all gone out to celebrate the day undisturbed when Robin comes home. Roji tells her in a letter to take bread for dinner and not to use too much jam. She is also to clean, do the dishes and hang the laundry before the three of them return. After that, she is to go straight to bed.

Robin completes her tasks, but then leaves the house and goes to the Tree of Omniscience, where the Library and the Archaeological Institute of Ohara are located. Her coming is noticed in the tree and everyone is told to get ready. Robin opens the door and wants to return a book to Professor Shamrock, but she is greeted with cheers from all the archaeologists because she passed the PhD exam with full marks. She can now call herself an archaeologist. They celebrate with cake.

In the Tree of Omniscience, Professor Shamrock presents eight-year-old Nico Robin with her scientist badge. He forcefully explains to her what her responsibilities are as an archaeologist. The tree is 5,000 years old and has been filled with knowledge from all over the world since its existence, making it the largest library on Earth. Archaeologists come from all over to do research at Ohara. Robin should consider himself lucky to be able to study in such a place. Robin would like to solve the mystery of the lost history, but Cloverleaf reacts shocked to this request and tells her it is forbidden to search for it. Robin is convinced she will be able to research the story of the lost 100 years if she explores the Poneglyphs. Professor Kleeblatt accuses her of using her devil powers to look into the underground room and then she must know that it is a crime to explore the Poneglyphs.

Robin watched her researching the Poneglyphs that night, but she would never have been allowed if she had just asked about it. That’s why she became an archaeologist, so she could be a part of the work. Cloverleaf kneels in front of her and holds her by the shoulder, calmly explaining that researching the Poneglyphs is punishable by death. Ohara’s scientists are willing to take that risk. Since the existence of the laws in the world 800 years ago, many researchers fell victim to it. Ohara has always been the only place where the ancient writing could be deciphered. There’s no going back for them. Professor Kleeblatt forbids Robin to even approach the underground room or she will never be allowed to enter the institute again. Robin runs away. At the institute she is compared to her mother, Nico Olvia, who has been caught in the meantime. There is a wanted poster for her. Robin knows nothing about it.

Ohara, beach: A giant has washed up on the beach and is lying motionless on his stomach when Robin runs up to him. He wants to intimidate her, but Robin reacts unimpressed. He wants water and so she leads him to a spring. Refreshed, he is glad to have survived and wonders if any other female had. He would have preferred to be stranded on an uninhabited island. The giant’s legs hurt, so he just wants to sit for now. After that he will build a raft and leave the island. Robin sees a giant for the first time, but he doesn’t want to be compared to the Elbaf giants. There are also peaceful giant tribes, nevertheless he asks Robin not to inform anyone in the village about his presence. He does not believe Robin’s promise, but she only thinks he is not interesting at all. The giant starts laughing loudly, which Robin doesn’t recognize as such at first because it sounds funny, but then she joins in. The giant eventually introduces himself as Jaguar D. Saul. He is being followed and when those find him, he is in trouble.

Three days after Saul’s stranding: Robin has stolen food from home, which makes Roji angrily call for her, but Robin is with Saul on the beach. He is building his raft. Robin talks about her mother, who is at sea for work, and the archaeologists who won’t let her work with them. The town kids don’t like her because of her powers and she demonstrates her devilish powers to Saul. Saul isn’t too impressed, since he’s from the Grand Line and was constantly confronted with such powers there. He laughs again and explains to Robin that as long as you’re laughing, you’re fine.

Somewhere in the Westblue: A naval vessel is sailing across the sea and receives a call via Den-den Mushi from naval headquarters. The commander-in-chief of CP9 Spandine orders the call to be ignored. They will report back when the coast is in sight. He thinks it’s a waste of time to go around the Westblue.

Four days after Saul’s stranding: a navy ship has landed at Ohara and one person disembarks during the night.

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