One Piece Episode 274


On the roof of the courthouse, Luffy stands and screams for Robin. When Spandam hears him, sheer horror appears on his face. He immediately runs to the window to watch the whole thing. Meanwhile, the straw-hatted captain first goes about his favorite pastime, eating. Behind Luffy lies the defeated Blueno, which horrifies Spandam even more. Therefore, he orders the soldiers standing with him to immediately call the other agents of the CP9.

Franky and Robin have also heard about the latest events. The cyborg tries to cheer Robin up, but she still looks very depressed. He tells her not to be afraid. He offers to take her to the straw hat boy. Using the rest of his Coke, he puffs himself up and tells the soldiers and Spandam that he doesn’t see any point anymore, so he’s going to kill himself. Supposedly he has a bomb in his body that will destroy everything within a three kilometer radius. The soldiers run away in panic.

With a Coup de Boo Franky transports himself and Robin onto the balcony of the justice tower. Thanks to the grate attached there, they were still stopped in time and therefore did not fall into the waterfall. The blast of air also allowed him to destroy the chains that secured the two of them. Spandam realizes that he has been tricked and orders the other soldiers to put the two back in chains.

Luffy has now noticed Robin as well. He is very happy to see her again. He also notices that Franky is with her. However, when Luffy makes an attempt to jump across the water to Robin, Robin yells at him to leave. Robin tells him that she never asked him to save her, and that she just wants to die. Franky is horrified to hear this, but Spandam is starting to find the situation very interesting.

When Franky yells at them what’s up with that, he suddenly gets kicked away by a CP9 agent. It was Kaku, who according to Jabra probably wanted to vent his bad mood about eating the devil fruit. Besides the two, all the other agents have also arrived. Kalifa asks after they appear if Luffy is their only enemy. Kumadori thinks it’s very amazing that Luffy made it this far. Jabra notes that Blueno lost the fight to Luffy, though this doesn’t surprise Lucci since the agent must have been out of practice after five years as a bar owner.

In the square in front of the courthouse, numerous marines and agents of the World Government try to enter the building, but they fail because of Yokuzuna. The 11 jurors also take part in the fight. Both in the left tower with Kiwi, as well as in the courthouse with Sanji and with Nami and Chopper they intervene in the action.

Meanwhile, in the courthouse, the Franky Family is fighting the judge. Zambai had always thought until now that there was no judge at all on Enie’s lobby, but that the prisoners were simply led through an empty court. But the judge tells him that the prisoners will indeed be tried. But the jurors who can declare the prisoners guilty or not guilty were once pirates themselves. Now, however, they are convicted criminals who want to take as many people as they can. That’s why no one has ever been acquitted in this court. Even Mozz narrowly escaped an attack by the jury in the right tower.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the courthouse, Yokuzuna has been hit by a steel bullet and goes down. But before the soldiers can storm the building, the giants Oimo and Kashii suddenly appear with the guys from the Galley-La and Sogeking.

On one of the upper floors of the courthouse, Zoro can’t find another way up. In order not to waste any more time, he simply decides to make a hole in the ceiling. A little further up, Nami and Chopper come face to face with a juror. But before the latter can attack the two, he is suddenly caught by something from the floor below.

On the roof of the courthouse, Luffy is still alone facing the CP9. Jabra asks Spandam if they could just kill the Straw Hat Captain, which he denies, finding the current situation very funny. Spandam wonders what Luffy’s expression is at the moment, now that he knows his girlfriend won’t let him save her. But Luffy just picks his nose, which causes horror in Spandam.

Luffy tells Robin that they came all this way just to save her, and that they will. If she still wants to die after this, she’s welcome to. While Luffy is talking to Robin, the ground behind him breaks open and Nami and Chopper appear, as well as Zoro and a little later Sanji. Shortly after, Sogeking also comes flying from below. You can clearly see a panicked fear on Spandam’s face now. Luffy now asks Robin, no matter what she decides, to tell him when she’s back in his gang. In the background, the rest of the Straw Hats agree with him.

At the edge of the courthouse on three stones, the Straw Hats face the CP9 agents as well as Robin and Franky and tell Robin to leave everything else to them now.

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