One Piece Episode 273


In his office, a rather angry Spandam calls Judge Baskerville over the Den-den Mushi. The latter is supposed to describe the current situation to him. But not as the director assumes, the Straw Hats are in the square in front of the building, but already inside it. The judges continue to tell Spandam that the huge stone gate has been cut open.

In the courthouse, Zoro has just taken out numerous soldiers with an attack. Next to him are Nami, who notices that a trial is about to begin in the courthouse, and Zambai. Yokuzuna is standing at the cut open stone gates, holding off the soldiers and agents. The trial is supposed to be to convict the pirates, but they pay no attention to the judge.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats continue to fight their way to the stairs. Once there, they make their way to the roof. Only Zoro, as usual, has gone wrong again and has to be sent in the right direction by Nami and Chopper. When the three have made it up the first flight of stairs, an enraged Judge Baskerville suddenly jumps towards them. In his hand he holds a sword. He wants to attack the pirates, as they have simply ignored him and the trial so far. But before the Straw Hats have to do anything against the judge, he is dragged back to the ground by the feet of the Franky Family.

Roof of the Courthouse: Blueno apparently doesn’t take Luffy seriously and thinks his new fighting technique is a joke, since he doesn’t think creating smoke over his body makes anyone stronger. Even more so when the latter tries to attack him from what he thinks is a safe distance. He thinks he can still easily dodge with a shave, but Luffy lets him feel the strength of Gear 2 and gives him a fierce Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. Spitting blood, Blueno has to take a step back and wonders where Luffy has gone all of a sudden as he gets himself fully upright again. But then he is already caught by Luffy’s next attacks.

To recover from the shock and the fierce attacks of Luffy, Blueno takes refuge in an in-between world that he can create thanks to his devilish powers. Quickly, the scales fall from his eyes: the previously believed weak pirate boy has managed to acquire the secret technique of shaving. With an ambush he wants to give Luffy the final blow to avoid being hit by him again. But when Blueno opens a door behind the straw-hatted boy so he can attack him from behind, Luffy reacts immediately. He takes a few steps forward and Blueno thus catches nothing. His plan has gone wrong.

Once again, Luffy thanks Blueno for letting him meet them all here so he can find a way to get stronger and protect his friends, and then goes for his final attack, the Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka, which Blueno tries to block with a Tekkai Go. Blueno is thrown back by the force of the attack, but still doesn’t seem to be defeated. Seeing this, Luffy exits Gear 2 mode and goes to show Blueno something even more interesting in return, when the CP9 agent suddenly falls over and is defeated after all. Luffy realizes that his body isn’t quite up to the strain yet, but he doesn’t care about that for now.

The Galley-La, Sogeking, and the giants Kashii and Oimo continue to advance toward the court. Paulie cannot believe that the gatekeepers, who were their enemies a moment ago, have suddenly allied themselves with them. At the courthouse, the soldiers want to enter the building, but one of the soldiers reports that a frog is blocking the way. This frog is Yokuzuna, who is supposed to be holding the fort. In the right tower of the courthouse, Kiwi and some members of the Franky Family penetrate further up to find the lever of the drawbridge. In the left tower is Mozz, looking for the other lever. Meanwhile, Zambai is fighting with Baskerville, who is of course trying to stop the Franky Family. The Straw Hat Pirates is also fighting all sorts of soldiers who are trying to stop them from moving on.

In the Tower of Justice: Spandam wants to get Robin and Franky to the Gate of Justice as soon as possible, since the pirates won’t be able to do any harm then. However, the ship is not ready yet. Furthermore, the agents are to gather the members of the CP9.

Meanwhile, Chimney, Gonbe, and Granny Kokoro are still near the island gate at Rocketman. They are happy that the giants have joined them. Further, Granny Kokoro mentions that whether the Straw Hats survive or not, this incident will shake the entire world, as they have dared to do something that no one has dared to do in hundreds of years. When this battle is over, the Straw Hat Boy’s name will go throughout the world.

On the roof of the courthouse, Luffy yells to Robin that he will free her. While Spandam is shocked that Luffy made it this far, Franky is happy about it.

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