One Piece Episode 270


At the news that Sogeking didn’t make it, Nami and Chopper in particular are clearly horrified. However, Zoro is of the opinion that they could not turn back now. Nami, however, is worried about Sogeking, since he is not Luffy and the island is crawling with marines and agents of the World Government. To this, Zoro only replies that they all grew stronger on the Grand Line journey, so Sogeking will be able to make it on his own.

Main Gate of Enies Lobby: Sogeking, who missed the climb up the King Bull, is currently hiding in the hair of the giant Oimo, watching the Galley-La boys fight the soldiers and agents of Enies Lobby. He considers fleeing, but then realizes that the giant next to him is awake and crying.

With tears he tells that he would be humiliated, that he would have failed after 50 years and that he would now be a disgrace to all Elbaf. When Sogeking hears the name Elbaf, he asks in amazement if the giant was from the warrior village of Elbaf. The giant explains to him that 100 years ago Kashii and he were pirates who roamed the sea until one day they came to an island where their captains began a duel to the death. Only the winner would be allowed to return to the home village. The other members of the gang left the island. But when after 50 years still none of them had returned, Oimo and Kashii set out to find their captains. However, they were captured by the navy on the way there. They told them that they were holding their captains in a World Government prison. So, the World Government offered them 100 years to guard the gate of Enie’s Lobby so they could free their captains. The two giants accepted the offer. They had been guarding the gate for 50 years now, but were taken by surprise by pirates that day. Therefore, their captains would now have to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

When Sogeking has heard the story, he takes off his mask and tells Oimo that he met two giants on the Grand Line on an island who have been fighting each other for 100 years now. It was the two giants Brogy and Dorry. Oimo can’t believe this. He thinks Usopp is lying. But Usopp knows their names as well as their techniques and laughter. What the Navy told them was a lie.

When the Straw Hats are almost near the courthouse, there is a sudden explosion. Sodom has been wounded in the neck by an enemy projectile and can go no further. The Straw Hats have to switch to Gomorrah and leave Sodom wounded, which is visibly difficult for Chopper as a doctor.

On the roof of the courthouse, Luffy comes face to face with Blueno. The Straw Hat Captain orders Blueno to get out of the way, as there is Robin in the building behind the CP9 agent. But Blueno only replies that Luffy still didn’t get it until now, whereupon Luffy looks puzzled. Therefore, the CP9 agent explains to him that the World Government has more than 170 allied states around the world, and that when he raided this island, he made enemies of those states as well. Further, he notes that the World Government considers his friends and allies dangerous and will hunt them down until the end of the world. But Luffy cares very little about any of this. Meanwhile, he is already getting ready for battle.

With a Gomu Gomu no Rifle he starts the fight. Blueno simply wants to block the attack with his Tekkai, but he is thrown backwards. Horrified, he realizes that Luffy has changed since they last met in Iceburg’s house. When the Straw Hat Pirate attacks him with a Gomu Gomu no Gatling, he dodges it with Soru, however Luffy already knows the trick, so he knocks him into one of the pillars in mid-air. It seems Luffy is now a match for Blueno.

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