One Piece Episode 269


In his office, Spandam reports to Robin that Luffy and his crew are on the island, but that they should have been captured long ago, since in his opinion they couldn’t do a thing against 10,000 soldiers. The prisoners are then to be transported to Impel Down. When Robin learns this, she is horrified. Enraged, she yells at him that he would be breaking her promise by doing so. However, Lucci repeats to her that their agreement only included that the six members of the Straw Hat Pirates be allowed to leave Water 7 peacefully. After Robin and Franky comment on this fact one more time, Spandam loses his temper again and takes turns stomping on them with his feet.

Meanwhile, Luffy continues to fight his way to Robin.

Spandam orders the guards to take the two prisoners outside. Meanwhile, Blueno learns from Owl that the Straw Hats have shown up in Enie’s lobby, but that there have only been five casualties so far. He then sees the phone and realizes that the receiver is not on the hook. Afterwards, Spandam asks his agents if they would like to celebrate with him some more, but they decline.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw Hats are on Sodom and continue to hold course for the courthouse. Riding alongside them is the Franky Family on Gomorrah.

Luffy is also still on the main island and is once again pursued by numerous soldiers. They even climb onto the roof of a building after him. However, the Straw Hat is able to catapult himself to a distant building with a Gomu Gomu no Rocket.

Sodom, meanwhile, tells Chopper how he and Gomorrah first met Franky and how he saved their lives. He also tells them that their masked friend failed to make the jump and as a result is still at the main gate. The information shocks everyone a bit.

Near the main gate, Paulie, Tilestone, and Peepley Lulu continue to hold off the Justice Guard, as well as some World Government agents and Navy soldiers. In the process, Paulie recalls the night at Iceburg’s house, how Luffy promised him he would take down Lucci and the others, and how Nami assured him that her comrades-in-arms can unleash untold power when it comes to their friends.

On the main island of Enies Lobby, confusion suddenly reigns as Luffy has suddenly disappeared. The latter has finally managed to climb the last building, the courthouse. Once at the top, a door suddenly appears in the air and shortly after Blueno is standing opposite him. The latter almost realized that the number of injured couldn’t possibly be right. When Blueno asks the pirate how long he wants to fight, he answers: Until death.

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