One Piece Episode 268


On the main island of Enies Lobby, Luffy is surrounded by numerous soldiers. They shoot at the straw-hatted captain with several bazookas to finally prevent him from moving on. In the process, he threatens to fall into the waterfall, but is able to free himself from his predicament in time.

Meanwhile, the soldiers outside the island gate have now recognized Zoro, but they call him a subordinate of Luffy, which Sanji mocks. But Zoro counters that the cook is just a random pirate to the soldiers, since he has no bounty. As is often the case, the two argue once again. However, Sogeking and Chopper also make it through the flight unscathed. Shortly after, one of the agents shoots the Rocketman with a bazooka and there is an explosion. While Sogeking loses his mask in the process, but is able to put it back on in time, Grandma Kokoro, Chimney and Gonbe suddenly appear on the sea train. The three pretend to be hostages of the Straw Hats in order to save the train from further fire.

Meanwhile, Nami has caused thunderclouds to form above the soldiers and agents with her new climate clock. When she throws a Thunder Bolt into the clouds, she herself is startled by the effects. You see, the lightning bolts are much stronger than those of her old stick. Angry at almost hurting herself, she punches Sogeking, who really can’t help it in Chopper’s eyes. Along the way, she also took out a bunch of soldiers and unfortunately hit Sanji and Zoro as well, though they are immediately back on their feet. After seeing an explosion further back on the island, the Straw Hats know where Luffy is and immediately head in that direction.

Meanwhile, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates is already in the center of the island not far from the courthouse. But he still has to stand his ground against numerous marines. To give himself a short break, he jumps into a tree, which is shot down with a bazooka shortly afterwards. However, the shot came too late, because Luffy is already on his way again.

Meanwhile, with the rest of the Straw Hats, Paulie appears with the King Bulls Sodom and Gomorrah. He orders the Straw Hats to ascend, as they are not to get into any pointless fights. Using his ropes, they immediately get up there and set course towards the courthouse. However, they are also immediately pursued by the Justice Guard and some soldiers and agents. To keep the pursuers at bay, Paulie hands the reins over to Sanji and jumps off. Just before jumping off, he asks Zoro to tell Lucci and the others that they were fired. He is followed by Tilestone and Peepley Lulu. The three of them plan to hold off their opponents.

In Spandam’s office, the latter stands next to Franky, who is lying on the floor, and kicks him on the head in revenge for the suffering he endured eight years ago when his face was disfigured by Franky. He then tells of Iceburg, who after Tom’s death united the largest shipyards under one name and turned them into one big company. He also allied himself with the World Government and became an important supplier to them. He became the president of the Galley-La and also the head of Water 7. Being surrounded by so many people, he became an indispensable person for the World Government and therefore the CP9 could not take him out. Spandam goes on to say that just before he was about to put his plan into action, he suddenly learned from Aokiji that Nico Robin was setting course for the island with a pirate ship. Further, he mentions that he had now included a Buster Call in his plans. In front of him would now be the two keys to the oldest weapon of mankind.

When Robin asks him why Aokiji should grant him the power of Buster Call, he loses his temper and knocks her to the ground. She, as one of Ohara’s devils, should be grateful for being allowed to live at all. Even her mere existence is a sin in his opinion.


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