One Piece Episode 265


At the main gate, the Franky Family as well as the Galley-La boys have appeared and begin to attack the soldiers. One of the marines calls Spandam on the Den-den Mushi and asks him for reinforcements, however the line is dead shortly after, as he was hit by a bullet.

While Robin takes a quick turn towards the island and main gate on his way to the Justice Tower, the Straw Hats in the Rocketman get ready for the battles to come soon.

Main island in front of the island gate: Luffy kindly asks the marines if they want to let him pass, but they don’t just give up without a fight. When another soldier tries to attack him with a spear, Luffy grabs him, wraps his legs and arms around the soldier’s limbs so that the soldier is now his robot, whose movements he can control, and goes after the other marines with it. In the process, he is able to defeat some of his opponents. However, when some of the soldiers try to attack him from behind, he uses his own body again. After taking out more of his opponents, he uses the giant rings on the gate to catapult himself onto the main island.

In his office, Spandam receives a report of what has happened and is visibly incensed that the Straw Hat could not be caught. He orders the soldiers to wake up the two gatekeepers Oimo and Kashii. In addition to Spandam, CP9 agents Jabra, Owl, and Kumadori are also present in the room.

Meanwhile, at the main gate, the Franky Family fights their way through with the boys from the Galley-La to clear the way for the Straw Hats. After a brief struggle, Kiwi and Mozz are able to pick the locks with their swords, allowing the three destroyers to push open the gate. The soldiers try to protect the gate with their lives, but have no chance.

Confidently, the friends of the Straw Hats run to the island gate to open it as well. But suddenly two huge figures jump in front of the gate to protect it. These two people are the giants Oimo and Kashii, the guardians of the island gate, who have only recently been awakened. They are more than twice the size of the Franky Family destroyers. The two giants make it clear to the invaders that they will finish them off no matter what. They tell them to just go back home, as nothing will happen to them in this case. But since there’s no way the Franky Family is going to back down, they start an almost hopeless fight. The three destroyers attack Oimo and Kashii, but are immediately beaten to the ground by them. The remaining members of the Franky Family are dismayed. However, the giants explain to them again that they will not let any of them through that gate. However, the friends of the Straw Hats still want to fight on.

On the main island of Enie’s Lobby, Luffy has already been surrounded by several Navy soldiers and World Government agents. They all make fun of him because he’s all alone and there are supposed to be about 10,000 soldiers stationed in Enie’s Lobby. However, the Straw Hat Captain is not intimidated by this and only replies that they should get out of the way.

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