One Piece Episode 263


Sanji and Sogeking try to convince Robin to go back with them, but she still vehemently refuses. Blueno tells them about the Buster Call and Robin’s past. But this does not change their minds either. Blueno attacks the two and defeats them easily. Then he disappears with Robin through an air door.

The Rocketman meets the car with Sanji and Sogeking a little later with the new comrade-in-arms Yokuzuna. Luffy and Chopper are impressed by Sogeking. Chopper even wants his autograph. Everyone but the two of them immediately saw through Usopp’s disguise.

Franky talks to Robin aboard the Puffing Tom. He convinces her that life alone cannot be a crime, but Robin still remains stubborn.

The Puffing Tom has already reached the Justice Island Enies lobby by now and the Rocketman is almost there as well. Everyone is getting ready for the battle.


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