One Piece Episode 251


Review: The head of the CP9 demands to talk to Franky. He reports to Cutty Framm that he didn’t believe the latter was still alive. He is, however, pleased that Tom’s second apprentice has fallen into his net. He reveals his true identity: he is Spandam, who eight years ago, as commander of the CP5, arrested Tom’s workers after the attack on the Justice ship. He orders his agents to bring Franky to him as soon as possible. Usopp, still on the scene, wants to stop the agents, but recoils at a look from Lucci and excuses himself. Kaku notes that he knows the former gunman of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Meanwhile, the Galley-La staff are still busy putting out the central station. Nami is lying unconscious on the ground, but no one is attending to her. Suddenly, something stirs in the flames. Chopper managed to free himself from a piece of debris and picks up Zoro’s Kitetsu from the ground.

Present: The station officials are preparing Blue Station for the last departure of the sea train that evening. Meanwhile, they talk about things they’ve picked up from the marines. Such as that there are agents in Water 7 who have been investigating for several years. They think they know who the agents are because they often sit in Blueno’s bar, have a lot of money, apparently don’t work, and would always ride first class. They suspect that the whole town will be talking about it the next day.

The headquarters of the Galley-La is still in flames. Desperately, the men of the Galley-La try to extinguish the fire, but the strong winds of the Aqua Laguna keep driving the fire. Suddenly, Chopper jumps out of a window with the unconscious Iceberg and Paulie on his back. He lands in front of the astonished men of the Galley-La, but then slumps to the ground, exhausted. Immediately, the men take the three wounded men away from the fire to be treated by a doctor.

In the meantime, Kaku has defeated Usopp, who then falls to the ground. Kaku explains to Usopp that if he still wants to remain a pirate, even though he has left the Straw Hat Pirates, he must be arrested. He returns to the The Going Merry, which is moored in the dock. Usopp tries to stop him, but he wants to release the former Straw Hat ship into the open sea. Usopp summons the last of his strength to prevent this, but is caught by Kalifa’s thorn whip. The Merry falls down into the sea. Usopp and also Franky are affected by the sudden departure of the pirate ship, which immediately disappears into the floods.

The structure of the flaming Galley-La headquarters is now weakened to the point that it begins to collapse. Immediately, the workers flee to safety. They are dumbfounded that they can’t do anything about the fire, but are delighted when Iceburg regains consciousness. Shortly after, Nami also regains consciousness, which causes discussion among the ship’s carpenters. They disagree on what to do with the pirate, but Iceburg gets up and demands to speak to Nami alone. Meanwhile, the Galley-La people launch a new attempt to clear the main building. Iceburg first apologizes to Nami for the false suspicion.

Afterwards, they have a conversation about Nico Robin. Nami tells Iceburg that Nico Robin has decided to no longer be part of the Straw Hat Pirates. Iceburg talks about a conspiracy by the world government and tells the Navigator about a weapon that could destroy the world, which could be reactivated by Robin. Iceburg recalls how Nico told Robin the previous night that she had a dream that could not come true if she continued to travel with the Straw Hat Pirates. Nami then asks Iceburg what Nico Robin’s dream was all about. So Iceburg wants to tell Nami everything he knows, but before that he pointed out to Nami that he and Nico Robin are able to unleash an ultimate weapon. This weapon is so powerful that you can destroy the whole world with it.

As he reports to Nami, Iceburg’s mind wanders off to the previous night. He is tied up on the floor by Nico Robin’s devil power and is being held at gunpoint by her. She demands the plans to build the ultimate weapon, Pluton, which are in Franky’s possession as well as Iceburg’s. However, Iceburg wants to explain to Nico Robin that this weapon would destroy the entire world. Nico Robin tells Iceburg that she has negotiated a deal with the world government. This deal is that Nico Robin will turn herself in to the World Government and hand over the plans for Pluton, and in return, the Straw Hat Pirates will be allowed to leave Water 7 unhindered. Leaving Water 7 would have been no problem at all for the Straw Hat Pirates, but Spandam has been given the authority by Admiral Aokiji to request a Buster Call, which is normally only the Fleet Admiral or one of the three Admirals. Robin tells the head of the Galley-La about her dream, which is to hand herself over to the World Government so that the Straw Hat Pirates can be given safe conduct and thus continue their journey. She has sacrificed many people in her life for her own, but that is now over. Nami is surprised by this turn of events and sinks to the ground, exhausted. She is glad that Robin didn’t betray the crew after all. Suddenly, she jumps up and goes to find the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates to tell them the news. Iceburg fears that they’re already finished, but Nami confidently tells him that things are just getting started. She says they are far from finished; a little weak and uncertain so far, but if they know they can free Robin, their strength knows no bounds, then no one will stop them. She goes to Chopper and tries to wake him up in a rough way.

Station officials announce that passengers must board on the 1st floor due to the high water table and then want to see who gets on the train. However, they are stopped from doing so by world government officials. Outside the station, Corgi tells Robin that he finds it interesting that she is now turning herself in after 20 years on the run. Meanwhile, Sanji has also arrived at Blue Station.

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