One Piece Episode 247


Franky has a hold on Usopp in his repair dock. He wants to use him as bait, hoping that Luffy will show up at his place. Undeterred, however, Usopp gets to work and continues to repair the The Going Merry. Franky tries to convince him that the The Going Merry can no longer be saved, which Usopp refuses to believe, so an argument ensues.

After a blow from Franky, Usopp lands in the water and as he sinks to the bottom, he sees how badly the hull is damaged from his “Merry”. When he resurfaces, he tearfully recounts his adventures with the ship and the night on Sky Island when an unknown entity repaired the ship. Franky gets suspicious. He says that it must have been the Klabautermann, who only shows himself when one is particularly fond of his ship and takes good care of it.

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