One Piece Episode 242


Tree near the Galley-La headquarters: Chopper, Luffy, Zoro and Nami are talking about their course of action and situation while Chopper is watching the main entrance of the headquarters through binoculars.

Iceburg’s room: Iceburg asks Kalifa to leave the room and send Paulie to join him in the room. Kalifa follows the instructions and invites Paulie, who is standing guard outside the door, into the room. Paulie goes into the room and has a conversation with Iceburg and says to him that he will definitely take care of it. Meanwhile, Kaku, Lucci, Peepley Lulu, and Tilestone are outside the room puzzling over what it might be about.

Iceberg’s office: Paulie follows his boss’s instructions. He opens a hidden safe.

Outside Headquarters: Robin and the masked man get a call that they can get started on the plan once the diversion, an explosion that detonated right after, has taken place. While the shipbuilders are surprised and confusion reigns, Robin and the masked man get moving.

Headquarters: Another masked person has been spotted, who immediately begins attacking the Galley-La’s shipbuilders. Tilestone and Peepley Lulu learn of the person and leave their posts. Kaku tries in vain to stop them and is left alone with Lucci outside Iceburg’s room. The masked person jumps onto the roof of the headquarters and confronts more shipbuilders.

Tree: The Straw Hats observe the chaos at the Galley-La headquarters, with Chopper noticing that Luffy has suddenly disappeared.

Headquarters, Exterior: Robin and the masked man have been surrounded by shipwrights from the Galley-La. The masked man brings out a red cloth, behind which the two disappear without a trace under the pistol shots of the shipbuilders.

Headquarters, Roof: The masked person runs through the air and easily defeats the surprised shipbuilders with a thorn whip.

Iceberg’s Office: Paulie retrieves the plans from the safe before he is confronted by two men, also masked, who identify themselves as fighters for justice and members of the secret organization CP9. They demand Paulie hand over the plans to them, saying that they must take care of him since he learned of their existence.

Iceberg’s Room: Robin pushes the masked man through a wall, creating a door into Iceberg’s room, who is visibly surprised at the pair’s appearance. The masked man explains that he ate of the hinged door fruit and can create a door anywhere he wants. He then shoots Iceburg again to weaken him. Iceburg admits his mistake, that the CP9, not the Straw Hat Pirates, was behind the assassination. The masked man explains that everything went according to plan, and his colleagues pay Paulie a visit so that they can get the blueprints of the ancient ship Pluton from him. The masked man gives Robin orders to take care of Iceburg once the plans are in their possession and leaves the room to deal with the guards outside the door.

Headquarters, Front Door: Chopper, Nami, and Zoro are sure that Luffy must have blindly stormed through the front door and is wandering around the headquarters, which is why the front door should no longer be guarded. The three rush to the front door and are shocked to find a well-guarded front door. Meanwhile, Luffy is stuck between two buildings and can’t get into the headquarters.

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