One Piece Episode 238


The people downtown are annoyed at Franky’s appearance, having come for Luffy to finish him off for destroying the Franky Family home. Luffy also has reason to fight Franky for beating up Usopp with his people. The Straw Hat eventually turns himself in for the fight.

In the Galley-La building, Kalifa, who has obviously been crying, asks the workmen from Dock 1 to Iceburg’s room. The mayor has finally woken up! The workmen finally enter the room and wish Iceburg a speedy recovery. The head of the company thinks he remembers who shot him yesterday. He speaks of a tall, burly man in a mask and a petite woman with black hair and an icy stare.

The journalists in front of the Galley-La building also hear that Iceburg has woken up again and spread the good news throughout the city. The people are relieved and celebrate.

Outside Dock 1: Franky gives Luffy a speech about how outraged he is by Luffy’s actions. He wants to finish him off as soon as possible because he’s incredibly angry about losing his house and humiliating his people. Nami demands the 200 million berries back, but Franky thinks he already spent the money. Luffy tells Franky to get off the house so he can finally defeat him. Suddenly, the latter starts breathing in heavily and in the next moment he spits fire at Luffy and Nami, who just manage to dodge it. The civilians in the town panic and flee.

Nami speculates that Franky has eaten a Devil Fruit, but suddenly he jumps into the water. According to the laws of devil fruit, he should be drowning now, but he emerges from under Luffy and Nami’s Yagara and destroys it. He reveals that he didn’t eat any devil fruit. Luffy goes for an attack, but Franky counters with the Strong Right, where his right hand is extended using a chain. The punch catches Luffy full in the stomach. Nami doesn’t understand how Franky could do that. He explains that he is a cyborg and has machine parts in his body.

Back at the Galley-La building: Iceburg identifies the black-haired woman as Nico Robin. Thus, the Galley-La people conclude that the Straw Hat Pirates is behind the attack on Iceburg. Paulie decides to bring Luffy to justice. Meanwhile, Sanji and Chopper talk about the upcoming Aqua Laguna. Chef suspects that the entire undercity will be flooded. Chopper is worried about the Going Merry. They both decide to go back to the ship, since Chopper forgot something on the ship.

Back at the Galley-La Company building: Tilestone runs screaming into Iceburg’s room after learning that he has woken up again. He also reports that Luffy is fighting Franky outside Dock 1. He says that half the dock has already been razed to the ground. The workmen immediately set out to stop it, while Kalifa continues to stay with Iceburg.

The fight between Luffy and the cyborg Franky rages violently. Both take heavy blows. Dock 1 continues to be destroyed. Nami cheers Luffy on, while Franky has brought his own fans, Kiwi and Mozz. Franky fires a laser beam at Luffy, who counters with a gum-gum whip. Eventually, the Galley-La’s workmen arrive. They think Luffy is the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on Iceburg. The civilians are glad that the craftsmen now plan to keep the peace. Nami is also happy, as she is convinced that the craftsmen are on her side.

Now Paulie accuses Luffy of knowing exactly what this is about and tries to strangle him with one of his ropes. The cyborg is pissed that Paulie interferes in his fight. However, the Galley-Las don’t listen to him and gear up for battle. Nami is shocked to find that they’re not on her side at all. Peepley Lulu fires a projectile at the straw hat, but it doesn’t bother him. Kaku tries to go after Franky and knocks him down with a hard kick.

Luffy gets into it with Lucci, and they engage in a fistfight, but Lucci is able to win it. Luffy wants to know what this is all about. Paulie accuses him of being responsible for the assassination of the mayor. Meanwhile, an extra newspaper is distributed with the names of the alleged perpetrators: It’s the Straw Hat Pirates!

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