One Piece Episode 237


At the center of Water 7: People are asking around about what is already known about an incident at the shipyard. One woman suspects Franky is the mastermind, while others think the Straw Hat Pirates is guilty. There is said to have been a large explosion in the incident. Sanji overhears the conversations and heads to the hotel rooms the Straw Hat Pirates rented after abandoning their ship. He asks if any of the gang got any sleep that night. He himself was on the coast and hoped Robin would get back there.

Chopper sums up that only bad things happened to the gang in Water 7. When he turns the topic to Usopp, Zoro admonishes him that this topic is already closed and he better not talk about it. Sanji wants to go back downtown and look for Robin. He is sure she is still in the city. Chopper wants to come along, but before they’re about to walk through the door, Nami bursts in and tells the gang about the incident the whole population is talking about: Iceberg has been assassinated!

Paulie is informed at his home that the head of the Galley-La has been seriously injured, but is alive. Paulie should come to the office immediately. Kaku thinks that the outside is swarming with journalists. Apparently nothing was damaged in the robbery, and no one has any idea who would have wanted to shoot Iceburg.

Sitting in Iceburg’s office are Kalifa and Lucci, with the secretary obviously crying. The doctor says it’s a miracle Iceburg survived the five bullet wounds to him. Forensics found nothing except a mask. At the hotel, Sanji inquires as to who Iceburg even is. The whole town is in an uproar. Luffy wants to find out, and Nami wants to come along.

Peepley Lulu says he has his suspicions. He thinks that possibly the government could be behind the assassination. After all, Corgi was sent away from Iceburg every time. Kaku says that it’s already possible, but Peepley Lulu would get in trouble if he talked about the government like that in public. Meanwhile, the citizens already have two suspects in their sights: Franky and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Meanwhile, Franky has returned and leaves the Blue Station in Water 7. Paulie tries to get into the Galley-La office, but is stopped by a great many journalists, to whom he reacts in an annoyed manner. Nami and Luffy are on their way downtown and Luffy suggests that they go to the main branch of Galley-La. As they continue on the Yagara, Nami can’t help but think back to when she found the badly injured Usopp on the side of the road.

Franky finds the completely destroyed house of the Franky Family and is horrified. But he already has his suspicions about who did it. He plans to head to Luffy’s house and bring him to justice. One of the family members gives his boss a tip on where to find Luffy.

Meanwhile at the Shift station: Chimney is totally excited about the high waves. Gonbe is also excited. Grandma Kokoro thinks it’s time to return to Water 7 because Aqua Laguna is coming. The weather service in Water 7 also warns the residents about Aqua Laguna. Sanji inquires what Aqua Laguna even is and learns that it will flood the entire town. This time it should be around midnight.

Sanji wants to look for places where Robin might be, and Chopper thinks they should look for ancient ruins. However, there is no such thing in Water 7. Finally, Chef says that it worries him that the gang knows so little about Robin. A crowd has gathered outside Dock 1. Thus, it is impossible to get through to the main branch.

Back at Nami and Luffy’s place: Suddenly, a drumbeat is heard, and all the inhabitants of Water 7 seem to already know what’s going on. At the top of a bridge, a curtain is seen with three silhouettes behind it. The middle one asks if they’ve been longing for him. It’s Franky accompanied by Kiwi and Mozz, who is furiously looking for Luffy.

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