One Piece Episode 235


Chopper breaks the news to the gang that Usopp has regained consciousness. The Straw Hats rejoice and lecture him that he shouldn’t go through something like this again on his own. But Usopp cries and blames himself for being too weak to protect the money. Luffy, however, remains in high spirits and says that even if the worst happens, they still have 100 million berries left.

When Usopp asks about the repair of the Going Merry and wants to know if the 100 million would be enough to get the ship back in shape, Luffy tells Usopp after some hesitation that he wants to buy a new ship. The gunner can’t believe it and Luffy shows him the catalogue of new ships he got from Kalifa. Luffy is thrilled with the catalog’s selection.

Usopp initially thinks it’s a joke, and then gradually believes that the 100 million won’t be enough, but Luffy lectures him that it has nothing to do with the money. They both start to get louder and a full-blown argument ensues. Usopp accuses Luffy of having lost his mind. The captain replies that he had a hard time making the decision too, and finally reveals to Usopp that the Going Merry is beyond repair.

Luffy insists that this is the only reason he made this decision, but Usopp refuses to believe it. He recalls the many adventures the gang has had with the ship and announces that he will repair the The Going Merry himself. Luffy yells at Usopp again that he is not a proper shipwright, but he doesn’t care. He will never abandon the ship, he says.

As the argument escalates, Nami tries to mediate, but Luffy insists on his right to decide as captain, while Usopp accuses him of selfishness. Sanji now tries to interfere in the argument as well, but it doesn’t help either. Luffy throws Usopp to the ground, holds him down and offers Usopp to leave the crew if he doesn’t like his decision. Sanji reacts in shock and demands that his captain never say such a thing again.

Usopp, however, explains that he has never been able to keep up with the powers of the other crew members. He would only be a burden to the Straw Hat Pirates in the future. As he leaves the ship, Sanji asks him where he wants to go, but Usopp replies that he can go wherever he wants and will leave the Straw Hat Pirates.

The rest of the gang is horrified, but Zoro and Luffy don’t make a face. Nami’s tears come and she decides to bring Usopp back. Chopper and Sanji also want to do the same, but they all fail. The Straw Hat Pirates has lost a member. Usopp speaks one last word to Luffy and demands a fight for the Going Merry. Luffy accepts the challenge and they arrange to fight at 10pm.

Nami can’t believe it again and tries to convince Luffy to call off the fight. But he explains that there is no way back. Usopp had thought of something and would not risk his life for no reason. Sanji looks to blame Zoro for the misery and blames him for not defeating the Franky Family on the ship. Chopper returns to the The Going Merry because Usopp wouldn’t let him treat him. Nami recaps the current events. That morning, everyone was happy and the gang was united, and now Usopp and Robin are gone.

The battle date is getting closer and closer and finally the time has come. Luffy orders his gang not to leave the ship under any circumstances. Usopp now confronts Luffy for the fight for the The Going Merry and announces that Luffy will have no chance against him.

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