One Piece Episode 233


Chopper and Sanji are riding a Yagara together through downtown Water 7. Chopper tells Sanji how he lost Robin. Sanji ponders who the man in the mask might be that he had seen with Robin. At this point, he remembers what Aokiji said to the Straw Hat Pirates about Robin. They both decide to go back to the The Going Merry to wait for Robin.

Luffy is shocked that Kaku thinks the The Going Merry is beyond repair, and replies that they could pay for it. But Kaku explains that it has nothing to do with money and that the whole ship is scrap. Paulie tells them that the keel is broken and explains how a ship is built. Without a keel, a ship cannot sail.

Luffy wants the craftsmen to build the The Going Merry a second time, but Lucci says that this is impossible, as no two ships can be the same down to the last detail, adding that the gang would also eventually notice the difference between a replica of the The Going Merry and the original. Kaku therefore suggests that the ship be scrapped. Iceburg says that there are good new ships to buy for 300 million berries. However, Luffy wants to hold on to the The Going Merry. Iceburg is dumbfounded, and is surprised that Luffy is the captain, but then tells him to get in touch if he changes his mind.

Peepley Lulu joins the group and reports that agents of the world government have arrived. Iceburg orders Peepley Lulu to send the agents away again, but the next moment they approach the mayor anyway. Paulie says that Nami and Luffy should hide quickly. The man from the World Government named Corgi wants to make Iceburg an offer, but Iceburg ignores him.

Luffy notices that two of the suitcases with the money are suddenly so light, and the next moment they both realize that the suitcases are empty. 200 million berries from Skypiea have disappeared! Paulie and Lucci ask Luffy what’s going on, and Nami tells them both everything. Suddenly, the two realize that Usopp was with the Franky Family. Peepley Lulu calmly opines that Usopp has been kidnapped. Luffy immediately runs to rescue his vice. Nami still inquires where the family’s hideout is, and Paulie replies that it’s on the coast.

Nami now also sets off with the Yagara. As she roams the downtown area, she suddenly catches sight of Usopp lying on the ground bleeding profusely. Nami runs up to him and asks what happened. He tells her that the Franky Family attacked him, and whines that he was way too weak, and that he’s ashamed. He says that he can never face the others again. Nami tells Usopp that she’ll be back as soon as she can, and that the gang will teach the Frankys a lesson.

Sanji and Chopper are back on the The Going Merry, and learn from Zoro that the The Going Merry can no longer be repaired. Sanji worries about Usopp, what will happen when he learns that the The Going Merry can no longer be repaired. Nami also now returns to the ship.

In the house of the Franky Family, meanwhile, they are celebrating the fact that they were able to capture 200 million. The boss, Franky, praises his people and gives them five million berries to celebrate with. But suddenly the door explodes. It’s Usopp, who wants to get the money back. But alone he has no chance. Franky is impressed by Usopp’s courage, who declares that he will now fight to the death for the money.

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