One Piece Episode 232


Members of the Franky Family steal the Straw Hat Pirates’s money, meanwhile shipwright Paulie tries to escape his creditors. The thieves appear with their Yagara Bulls just in time for Paulie to jump off a bridge, incapacitate the Franky Family members without any trouble, and escape.

Luffy and Usopp are relieved that Paulie is now in possession of the money. Usopp still assumes that Paulie would give it right back, but instead Paulie realizes what is in the suitcases on the Yagara and tries to run away. Suddenly, a talking dove appears on Rob Lucci’s shoulder and says that it will take care of the problem.

Meanwhile, Kaku continues to inspect the The Going Merry and finds her condition to be quite poor. Back at Dock 1, Rob Lucci has taken care of the problem and returned the cases to Usopp and Luffy. Paulie is pissed that Lucci didn’t let him. Iceburg and Kalifa think they should be happy to have their money back.

Nami inquires about the Franky Family, whereupon Kalifa gives her information. The family dismantles ships and ambushes pirates, whose ship parts they then sell. Iceburg warns the Straw Hat Pirates about their boss, Franky. Lucci also speaks up, but again only the dove on his shoulder speaks. Luffy wonders how such a thing even works. Paulie demands another ten percent finder’s fee for returning the suitcases. Lucci makes another remark about Paulie, whereupon Paulie attacks him.

The fight is quickly over and both have repelled the attacks of their counterparts. Luffy doesn’t understand why Paulie attacked, after all he was only insulted by a pigeon. Nami now realizes that Rob Lucci is constantly using ventriloquism to pretend his pigeon is speaking for him. Luffy and Usopp are seriously impressed and applaud. Paulie gets upset that Nami’s skirt is too short. Kalifa tries to calm him down, but she doesn’t look any different and Paulie gets upset again.

The group now heads to the shipyard. Iceburg gives a short talk about the superior skills of the craftsmen on Dock 1. Iceburg leads the Straw Hat Pirates through the shipyard, where they are all joyfully greeted by the employees. Kalifa tells them that there were once seven companies in the shipbuilding business, all of which Iceburg merged to form Galley-La. Now Luffy wants Iceburg for his crew. Iceburg offers to hire Luffy one of the shipwrights at the shipyard. In addition, the mayor briefly addresses Luffy about Nico Robin.

Chopper, meanwhile, tries to find Robin again. Sanji wonders who the man he saw with Robin was, whereupon Chopper joins him. Kaku makes his way back to Dock 1 and eventually arrives. He says to Mr. Iceburg that they both still need to talk. Meanwhile, Zoro is seen sitting on the The Going Merry, as well as a short flashback with him and Kaku on the ship.

Suddenly, an employee of the shipyard brings the gang their suitcases back. Nami is surprised, because Usopp was supposed to be watching the suitcases. Luffy and Nami suggest to the workmen what they could do to the Going Merry. Kaku thinks the ship has been through quite a bit and announces the bad news: the The Going Merry is beyond repair! Zoro looks at the ship’s head and wonders if they indeed will never sail the ship again.

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