One Piece Episode 230


Luffy, Usopp and Nami are on their way downtown to exchange their gold and visit the shipyard. They are shown a shortcut to get there. While doing so, they pass through a residential area where Nami and Usopp are made to look foolish. On the way to the business district, however, they take a wrong turn. Luffy, however, is nonchalant about the matter. However, on the path they mistakenly took, there is a real waterslide going down. Nami then gives one of the Yagaras a bump.

Eventually, the trio does find themselves in the business district, whereupon Nami apologizes to the Yagara. Usopp notices all the masked people. Luffy’s yagara sees a water meat stall and swims there. Luffy then buys ten water meat legs.

At Dock 1: The Big Helmet Pirates refuses to pay for the repair of their ship. At first, the shipyard’s workmen seem to take it in stride, but then Paulie points out to the captain, Mikazuki, that he’d better not annoy the workmen. The next moment, the captain gets a mast rammed against the back of his head with full force. After this attack, he collapses. Now his men are also finished off by the workmen. The Galley-La company has defeated the helmet pirate gang! Meanwhile, Luffy, Nami and Usopp enter the water elevator to get to the shipyard.

On the Going Merry: Sanji decides to go to town as well and wants Zoro to watch the ship. Luffy, Nami and Usopp have now arrived at the center of Water 7. There, they notice a crowd of people at Dock 1. People are raving about the craftsmen Paulie, Peepley Lulu, Lucci, and Tilestone. A local resident tells them that the Craftsmen have just taken down a gang of pirates. The craftsmen, he says, are the pride of Water 7. Luffy says that he wants to meet these craftsmen. Nami suggests that they better exchange the gold first.

Chopper and Robin also visit the city. Robin gets hit on from all sides and Chopper thinks that Water 7 is crawling with Sanjis. Robin notices a bookstore and Chopper immediately wants to run there. Robin wants to follow Chopper, but a masked man says the following to her as she walks by, “CP9”. She then gets nervous and glances after the man, but he has disappeared.

Meanwhile, Chopper looks around the bookstore and is mistaken for a disguised man. But he quickly notices that Robin has disappeared. On the The Going Merry, Zoro is attacked by some characters. Zoro demands to reveal their names.

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