One Piece Episode 227


The Straw Hats puzzle over why Robin is so afraid of the man they met. Robin enlightens the gang that he is Naval Admiral Aokiji, and is one of the three admirals of the Navy, along with Akainu and Kizaru. All three are said to be very powerful.

Usopp snaps at the admiral that he should rather hunt stronger and more powerful pirates than the Straw Hat Pirates. But instead of responding to Usopp’s statement, Aokiji first hits on Nami. Usopp and especially Sanji are enraged by the admiral’s behavior. But the admiral only says that he is not on orders and that he does not intend to arrest the Straw Hat Pirates. Finally, he wants to say something to the gang, but forgets again.

Usopp and Sanji don’t want to believe that someone like that is an admiral of the navy. But he just thinks that it’s not good to judge someone by their appearance and lies down to sleep. Luffy gets angry and wants to attack him, but he is stopped by Sanji and Usopp.

Suddenly, some people emerge from the bushes. Aokiji says that he heard about a ship that capsized in the area. The people are the survivors of the shipwreck. They are taken care of by Sanji and Chopper. Aokiji wants to help the castaways get back to an inhabited island. Chopper wonders how he will do that without a ship, but Robin thinks he might actually be able to do it.

The Straw Hat Pirates goes to the seashore with the castaways and the Admiral. Luffy asks if the Admiral wants to pull the raft with the provisions for the castaways through the water. But he just goes to the shore and holds his hand in the water. Suddenly, a sea king appears in front of the admiral, but he makes no move to flee. Luffy is about to attack the Sea King, but the next moment he is frozen to ice along with the sea around him!

The others present, with the exception of Robin, cannot believe what has just happened. Now the castaways are able to walk across the frozen sea to the next island. They thank the Admiral and the Straw Hat Pirates and now set off. The Straw Hat Pirates is again alone with the Admiral and they find him sitting down.

Aokiji brings up Luffy’s resemblance to his grandfather, to which Luffy suddenly becomes nervous. Aokiji says that Luffy is just as unpredictable as his grandfather and that together with Nico Robin, this cannot go well. He thinks that he would find the Straw Hat Pirates dangerous, though underestimated by the World Government. The Admiral thinks that the gang will live to regret getting involved with Nico Robin, as all the organizations involved with it have been wiped out.

Robin has had enough and attacks the Admiral by breaking his spine. However, he is able to regenerate from the ice that was left of him. He then creates his Ice Saber from grass, but it is blocked by Zoro and kicked away by Sanji. Lastly, Luffy attacks him with a gum-gum gun, but it is ineffective. Instead, Luffy’s arm freezes, as does Zoro’s arm and Sanji’s leg. All three are now lying on the ground. Finally, Aokiji freezes Robin completely.

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