One Piece Episode 226

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Mostly filler

Foxy is holding Luffy, Nami and Usopp captive on his ship. Chopper and Robin have remained on the The Going Merry. After some fighting, Luffy finally manages to overpower Foxy. He demands Foxy pardon Kiba’s crew and give him back his ship, though still under Luffy’s self-drawn flag. However, Foxy continues to follow the The Going Merry. A second battle takes place on a nearby island, where Foxy is defeated by Luffy on the beach, but is allowed back on his ship. While searching for provisions, the Straw Hat Pirates spots Admiral Aokiji. Robin is afraid of him, but why?


  • In one depiction, two Zoros appear.
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