One Piece Episode 221

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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After Zoro and Nami leave the Straw Hat Pirates ship, the rest of the crew remains on the The Going Merry. Sanji suggests eating something and then continuing in a structured manner.

Nami, who has made it to the village in the meantime, is astonished to find that there is not a soul there. But when the newspaper is dropped onto the island, there is wild turmoil as everyone fights over the one newspaper. When one of them manages to grab the newspaper and carry it back to the house, the commotion dies down and dead silence reigns again. Shortly after, Nami meets Drim, who is carrying Noko around as usual. They talk for a while, but Drim seems very mysterious.

Meanwhile, the remaining Straw Hats talk to each other in the ship’s galley. Robin tells them about yesterday, when they reached the island and anchored there. Shortly after, everyone in the kitchen is talking about the last thing they remember. But when the teapot suddenly whistles, they all remember the boy who stole their memories the night before. Robin suspects that they might lose their memories again the following night, which the Straw Hat Pirates don’t like at all. Usopp has the brilliant idea of handing out name tags, which the crew confidently rejects.

As it gets later, they encounter Drim on the The Going Merry, sitting in Luffy’s default seat, which the captain doesn’t like at all. He catapults himself to Drim and accidentally hits Noko with his foot, who then releases Luffy’s memories.

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