One Piece Episode 220

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After the sea creature Noko sends mysterious sound waves to the surface with the help of the little boy Drim, strange things start happening aboard the The Going Merry. Luffy and his friends have lost their memories. They no longer know each other and can only remember bits and pieces of their past and the events of the past few months. The only strange thing is that all the crew members are missing exclusively the memories they had gathered with the gang. Sanji, for example, recounts that he went to bed on his restaurant ship yesterday and then woke up on the Lamb. Usopp tries to make the most of the opportunity by telling the others that he saved them from the jaws of a giant sea king the night before. Luffy, who is generally considered very impressionable, is completely thrilled. However, that enthusiasm disappears when Usopp mentions that he is now in his crew. Sanji, who tried to be nice at first, becomes suspicious of Usopp’s exaggerated stories, however, and calls him on it, saying that he’s lying through his teeth. Usopp seemed completely overwhelmed by the situation and admits in the heat of the moment that he was lying to them.

Nico Robin, who had been reading all night, seemed unaffected by the memory loss. She was on the upper deck, where Nami was also staying. When she wakes up, she doesn’t recognize Robin and seems extremely suspicious. The two go up on deck.

Shortly after, the boys also climb out of their cabins on the lower deck for some fresh air. Robin tells Luffy about Nami’s memory loss, but when he only asks who she is, Robin realizes that everyone seems to be affected by the loss. Usopp again tries to convince the pirates that he is the captain of the crew. However, Robin throws a wrench in his plans. She points out the Lamb’s straw-hat flag waving in the wind, whereupon Nami disappears into the lower deck and sets off for the island on her scooter. She just can’t and won’t believe Robin that she is the navigator of a pirate ship, having accumulated all too bad memories with pirates when she made the acquaintance of the Arlong pirates. Robin calls Zoro down from the observation deck to make sure the pirates are complete. This proved to be a bad idea, as Zoro finds no interest in the conversation and simply makes off.

Drim and Noko watch the commotion from a safe distance the entire time.

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