One Piece Episode 218


Grandstand: Due to several explosions from the Slow Foxy Face Bomb, the members of the Straw Hat Pirates are horrified and hope that Luffy is okay. The Foxy Pirates wonders if it’s all over now and their captain has won.

However, Luffy was able to save himself on the mast and now jumps back onto the deck of Sexy Foxy, where Foxy, hit by his attack, is in the dust fog. He uses the Slow Beam on Luffy, but Luffy dodges it and hits Foxy with a gum-gum gun. Foxy hides in the dust using dummies set up, but is very quickly unmasked by Luffy after going down depressed by an insult from Luffy. Foxy now drops Luffy through a trapdoor towards the water, but he has no trouble holding on to the ship and getting back on deck. Meanwhile, Foxy has fled into the ship’s interior, where Luffy rashly follows him.

Cannon Deck: Foxy waits for Luffy in a room with the floor completely covered in spears, while Luffy simply shoots a cannon at the room, surprising Foxy. Enraged, Foxy shoots the bullet back at Luffy and escapes deeper into the ship’s interior.

Foxy disguises herself as a woman and fools the charging Luffy. Luffy now thinks he saw Foxy’s sister, so he opens the door again and Foxy attacks him with Counter-Fox-Blow. While Luffy is distracted, Foxy runs deeper inside the ship to the kitchen.

Kitchen: Foxy now disguises himself as a cook, but this time is recognized by Luffy due to his vanity. Foxy now shoots a slow beam at Luffy and is able to hit him. He then punches Luffy, causing him to fall into a deeper space after 30 seconds.

Once there, Luffy must now contend with Gorilla Puncher #13. Foxy shoots his slow beam at a mirror behind Luffy. Luffy is able to dodge the beam, but is hit by a punch, which ignites. Luffy now has to dodge punches and the beams every second until he destroys the mirror and hits Foxy with a gum-gum gun. However, the latter can now hit Luffy very hard with the Gorilla Punch Golden Hits.

Outside the ship: The Foxy gang cheers on their captain, while the Straw Hats aren’t worried about Luffy at all, since he’s wearing the afro after all. Suddenly, there is a big explosion on the Sexy Foxy, after which Foxy can be seen in victory pose on the deck while Luffy lies on the ground with burns.

Deck: Luffy gets back up, but is immediately attacked by Foxy with the Slowbeam Sword, slowing his arms and legs. Luffy is now attacked by Foxy’s Megaton Nine Tail Rush and goes down again. However, the latter doesn’t let it get him down and gets back up. However, Foxy immediately attacks again with the Slow Beam and the Megaton Nine-Tail Rush, even breaking the pole. Luffy, however, gets up again and says that he will not abandon his friends at any cost.

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