One Piece Episode 215

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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After the Straw Hat Pirates wins the last round in the Davy Back Fight against the Foxy Pirates, Foxy demands a rematch from Luffy, who agrees, much to the chagrin of his team. The first round begins with the ‘Hit and Dead Ball’, a ball game where a member of the opposing team must be hit and then eliminated. The Straw Hat team tries their hardest to hold their own against the Foxys, but Luffy swallows a ball at the end of the first round, which is against the rules, and is disqualified. The victory goes to the Foxy Team.


  • Chopper eats two Rumble Balls in no time in this episode, but is still able to control his mutation levels, which really can’t be possible anymore.
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