One Piece Episode 213

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Tonjit and Shelly are seen. Tonjit tells Shelly not to be afraid of the straw hats, as they are fine. Then they go to a market stall where Tonjit gets two food items for himself and the horse. Afterwards, the Foxy Pirates are seen setting up the bleachers for the new game.

In a cubicle: While Robin is putting her jacket away in a locker, she tells Nami that the first game sounds funny. Nami replies what Chopper is going through. Afterwards, Robin asks Nami to excuse her. Nami puts on another shirt and says it’s okay.

When both are done, they go out to join their comrades. When Sanji sees the girls, he heartily adores them again. Nami slaps Sanji away, annoyed, and asks Luffy what he’s eating. He says it’s a stick kiwi he got from the “bamboo man” (Tonjit), which he says tastes delicious. He says Nami isn’t getting any, so she grumbles “glutton” at him.

The commentator Itomimizu flies through the air with his bird and explains what the next match is about: It’s a roller skating race called the Run Roller Round, and it’s over five laps.

He also tells the rules: On the first whistle, the scorers of both teams start at full speed. 20 seconds later at the second whistle the defenders start, they can bring down the opponent or support the point chaser of the own team. The winner is whoever is in the lead at the end of the five-minute period, even if their opponent ends up a nose ahead of them. The commentator lands with the bird at a tower. Worm climbs to the top, from where he watches the whole match. He introduces himself again and says that he is commentating the entire match from the tower. He ultimately says that the two teams will show up at the stadium at any moment.

The Straw Hat Pirates goes to the stadium, Foxy’s team is already there. Itomimizu introduces the names of the Foxy Pirates once again.

A cheetah named Chiqicheetah walks up to Luffy and sniffs him. Straw Hat wonders what is going on now. Worm wonders if the animal doesn’t want to start a fight with Luffy now, before the match even starts. Usopp also wonders what the cheetah wants from Luffy. Foxy laughs and says that not only is the Cheetah fast as hell, but he also has an awesome sense of smell. The silver fox then asks if Luffy has ingested anything acidic. Usopp laughs and follows up by saying that Luffy tasted a stone aged cheese at Tonjit. The straw hat wonders if that’s why Chiqicheetah sniffed him. Usopp asks what else it could have been. In the end, Luffy pushes the animal away since it’s annoying him. The cheetah goes back to his crew, and Foxy chuckled again. Worm says that it turned out okay once again.

Now Itomimizu tells the further rules of the game: Each team should have a manager and assistants, who are both not allowed to participate in the match. He also tells that each player is only allowed to participate in the match once. Since there are only four of the Straw Hats now, because Chopper is owned by Foxy Pirates, and two of them have to be managers, they only have four scorekeepers and this puts them at a disadvantage. But Foxy doesn’t want to be like that and lets one of them compete twice. However, he wonders if this one will even last. Nami calls Foxy a “dumbass.” The Foxy pirates cheer the Silver Fox for helping his opponents, and also say that he is generous and a good person. This makes Foxy happy until Nami, Usopp, and Sanji say that he is being “buttered up” by his members. This depresses him and he goes down as he always does when he’s depressed. Porche tells him to get back up and Hamburger giggles. Nami, however, says that they should take him up on the offer anyway. Usopp reluctantly admits it too, but that would probably be the smart thing to do. Sanji says if they want Chopper back, they’ll have to forget their pride. Luffy holds out his hand to Foxy and thanks him, and also says that it will be an exciting match that his gang wins. Foxy thanks him as well. However, he tells Luffy that it doesn’t give him an advantage. When he goes to say the rest of the sentence, he is ignored by the Straw Hat Pirates and goes back down. Through a Den-den Mushi, Itomimizu announces again that the two teams are making a small change in the rules. He also adds that the Straw Hats should hurry up and enter the scorekeepers for each round.

Determining Matches: Sanji enters the scorekeepers for the rounds and speaks that if the match consists of five rounds, the match can get pretty critical with the odd scorekeeper. Especially the last round. Luffy asks Sanji if it’s okay if he’s the one who gets to compete twice. However, Sanji replies that Luffy should shut up as he needs to focus. He softly speaks that it really wouldn’t be a bad idea to have Luffy compete in the first and last round. Luffy delightedly exclaims, “Right!” He also doesn’t want to put too much pressure on Nami and Usopp. He asks Robin if she wants to compete in the third round. Robin says he can count on her and she’s ready for anything. Sanji thanks her. But he considers if the opponents might already have an inkling of what they’re up to. As he says something, he is interrupted by Luffy asking him if he is done signing in. Sanji answers in the affirmative and reads out who is competing in which round. Luffy in first and last, Nami in second, Usopp in third, and Robin in fourth. Zoro asks Sanji when he started making the decisions, to which they start arguing.

Itomimizu wants to give the final clues, but Sanji and Zoro are fighting, so Nami yells at them since she can’t understand anything. He says anyone going the opposite direction or off the track will be disqualified on the spot. Worm’s bird flies down to Sanji to get the scoring list from him. Finally, he says that you’re also disqualified for a false start. The giant bird flies down to Worm and hands over the list. Then he reads out the score chasers for each team: 1st round Luffy vs. Porche. Foxy tells her she’ll beat him quickly. And two in the stands also say she’ll beat the “gummy bear”. One of them points at Luffy, but the scorekeepers and the other spectators get it too: Luffy can’t skate! The straw hats wonder and make funny faces. Nami makes a comment. Luffy, meanwhile, wonders why the roller skates are rolling. Sanji and Usopp also make comments. After that, Luffy can’t keep his balance and falls down, whereupon the crowd laughs at him. Foxy’s scorekeepers are also already laughing. Worm speaks up. According to his list, the Straw Hat should compete in the final round as well, and the gang had better give up. As Luffy tries to stand back up, he falls over again.

Now they’re both on the starting line. Usopp holds Luffy and asks him why he even wants to compete in two rounds, even though he can’t rollerskate. Luffy replies that he didn’t know roller skating was so hard. Luffy almost falls over again, but is helped up by Usopp. Nami is already worried that they will lose. Robin replies that she and the rest have to give it their all and just don’t give up. The referee, who was already a referee at the KO wrestling match, says that they will start now and should get to their start. Sanji grumbles at the referee that if he cheats again, he’ll get it. Foxy chuckles and replies that they don’t have to cheat to win. The referee blows his whistle.

The first round begins: Porche takes off very quickly, while Luffy has fallen on his head. Luffy gets back up and wants to take off his roller skates, but Itomimizu tells him that if he takes them off he will be disqualified. Luffy comes up with an idea: He just holds on to the railing, but he falls down again. Porche still skates without any problems. Now comes the second whistle and a huge guy wants to fall on Luffy. However, Luffy blocks with his gum-gum balloon. Now Nami and Usopp kick Luffy down the track and tell him not to exhale. Robin, however, helps out with her devil powers. Thus, they almost catch up to Porche. However, he will have trouble defending the point chaser. Robin goes to throw Luffy over the huge guy, but gets pushed into the crowd by another defender. Thus, Porche wins the first round.

Now the second round: Nami has to fight a huge guy named Mashikaku (Non-Canon). The referee blows the whistle. Nami drives ahead, but the “wall man” is much too slow. So Nami gets a huge head start. Now the second whistle blows. Usopp and Robin want to drive off, but are not let past by the defenders of the Foxy Pirates. As Nami is about to drive on, Porche makes an attack she calls “flower hypnosis”. This causes the Straw Hats to fall asleep. When everyone wakes up, Mashikaku (Non-Canon) has already won.

Now the third round: Usopp and Chiqicheetah ride this time…

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