One Piece Episode 210


The Straw Hat Pirates is rowing for all it’s worth. Thanks to navigator Nami, they even make it through the treacherous whirlpools of a coral reef. Foxy, the silver fox offers all sorts of tricks to fool Nami, Robin and Usopp, but to no avail. Victory is assured for them. But at the last moment, Foxy applies the Slow Beam, which totally slows all things down for 30 seconds. In the end, Porche of the Foxy Pirates wins. Foxy picks Chopper to be the new crew member. Chopper is done with nerves, he doesn’t want to submit. It’s on to the second round, the knockout wrestling match. Zoro and Sanji are determined to win Chopper back. When they see the Foxy opponents, they all break out in a cold sweat. Three giant monsters step up to finish off the straw hat team.

TV Episode GuideDavy Back Fight Arc (Anime)

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