One Piece Episode 207


With their Balloon Octopus hot air balloon, the Straw Hats get closer and closer to the Blue Sea. During the trip, Usopp and Chopper repair the hull of the Going Merry. When the fire suddenly goes out, the octopus shrinks back down and the Lamb falls the rest of the way into the sea. Arriving back in the blue sea, Chopper still doctors up the octopus before the Straw Hats throw him into the sea, not without thanking him once more. In search of a new island, Luffy and his crew are immediately pursued by some sea monkeys who create a huge monster wave to capsize the Lamb.

Meanwhile, in Mock Town on Jaya, the two pirate friends Bellamy and Bigknife Sarquiss are fighting each other. They have been egged on by one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, Donquixote Doflamingo, who had a bounty on his head of more than 340,000,000 berries, who considers his mark soiled by Bellamy’s defeat of Luffy. With no room for weaklings in his gang, he has Bellamy killed by Bigknife Sarquiss despite the latter’s pleas to give him another chance and his oath that he will forever be loyal to Donquixote, which visibly frightens the audience. Doflamingo sees a new era dawning in which weaklings like Bellamy have no place.

Thanks to Nami’s excellent skills as a navigator, the Straw Hats were able to escape the huge wave unharmed. In a quiet moment at sea, they spot an unknown ship not far away, which they can’t identify because it seems to have neither flags nor sails. The question arises what they are doing at sea in the first place, especially since the crew looks unnaturally small and doesn’t seem to know what to do. However, they can’t lose any more thoughts to the alien pirates, as suddenly three sea monkeys appear behind them and create another huge wave. With their combined forces they manage to escape. The alien pirate ship capsizes, however, as its members have no idea what to do in this situation, as they have neither a captain nor a navigator on board.

After escaping the sea monkeys, Robin sights an island surrounded by thick fog. The Straw Hats set course for it. Once there, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper immediately jump off the ship into the thick grass. As they make their way across the island, they encounter unusual, elongated animals until they spot a house not far away, to which they immediately make their way. Meanwhile, an unknown ship can briefly be seen in the fog, but it disappears again immediately afterwards.

Arriving at the house, Luffy, Usopp and Chopper find that no one is there. However, outside they encounter Shelly, a horse with a saddle, and two bamboo poles reaching high into the sky. When they go to look at them more closely, they suddenly start to move, causing Luffy to break the poles apart, causing a man to fall from the sky, which Luffy mistakenly thinks is a ghost at first.

Meanwhile, the The Going Merry is pinned down by anchor chains on the shore by the Foxy Pirates. They want to compete with the Straw Hats in a contest.

Back at the house, the unknown man introduces himself as Tonjit. He is very grateful that the three straw hats got him off his stilts. Tonjit has always liked stilts, so he used the island’s bamboo to make the tallest stilts in the world. However, once he climbed on them, he didn’t dare come down, so he had to spend ten years on them. During that time, the bamboo continued to grow, so it was impossible to get down from the stilts again. During the ten years he fed on the fruit on the trees, which could also reach very far into the sky.

When Luffy asks him why everything here is so elongated, Tonjit replies that the island has a huge grassy area and the animals have all lived such a relaxed lifestyle that they have grown longer. Because of their elongated bodies compared to their normal counterparts, their pronunciation always involves the elongation of a vowel. While the three of them talk to Tonjit about the animals, they are observed from a distance with binoculars.

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