One Piece Episode 199

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Usopp and Robin are watching Navarone Naval Base from a wooded area. While Usopp wants to know what happened to the Going Merry and heads out, Robin advises taking things slowly. Usopp sets off anyway, loudly, and is stopped just in time by Robin from running into a squad of marines. Nevertheless, after the marines have left, Usopp sets off again in search of the The Going Merry.

Frigate Captain Shepherd is leaving a naval ship in one of the docks and is upset that Commander Jonathan has not received him. He approaches a marine and orders that he be taken to the base commander. The marine, however, doubts Shepherd’s high rank and explains that the commander is at lunch anyway.

Shepherd now sets off on his own, but is intercepted in a dark passageway by Robin and incapacitated.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Sanji are still in the base kitchen. While Sanji wows with his cooking skills, Luffy eats everything and is looked at askance by the other cooks.

Jonathan has meanwhile arrived at the crew mess and is personally served dinner by Jessica. The commander has heard about the new cooks and now wants to be cooked by them.

Back in the kitchen, Jessica orders Sanji to finish a plate for Table 8 and Sanji learns that Jessica and Jonathan are married. Luffy takes the plate to the commander and grabs some for himself. Jonathan thereby reveals him to be Monkey D. Luffy and introduces himself as the commander. After a brief conversation, Luffy learns that Zoro has been captured. Before it comes to a fight, Sanji grabs Luffy and flees with him to the kitchen. Now, however, the Straw Hats stand between the kitchen staff and the commanders. However, due to a marine unit suddenly appearing in the kitchen, Sanji and Luffy are able to escape.

In the meantime, Usopp has gotten himself a cadet uniform and is heading to Dock 88, since that’s where the Going Merry is supposed to be.

Once there, he meets Mekao, who tells him that the crew of the Going Merry loves the ship and treats it with care. Usopp is pleased by Mekao’s words, but immediately tries to escape unnoticed, as Drake has shown up at the dock. Drake asks Usopp about his unit and is able to unmask him in the ensuing conversation. Usopp is now taken to the base’s command center, where he meets Jonathan.

In response to Jonathan’s questions, Usopp replies, frightened, that everything is a secret and that he should not reveal who he is and what he is doing. Jonathan then suspects that he could be the inspector who was supposed to arrive with the ship in the morning. Usopp senses his chance and affirms Jonathan’s assumption. He then introduces himself as Lieutenant Usopp, who is to go undercover at the naval base. At that moment, the door opens and Special Inspector Shepherd is announced. Usopp already fears the worst, but sees that Robin had the same idea and is posing as Shepherd. When asked if she knows Usopp, however, she answers no and Usopp is then taken to prison.

Usopp is now sitting in a cell with Zoro, complaining about Robin. Zoro appeases him and says that it was a good idea, since Usopp is now with him and therefore safe.

Robin goes through the plans of the base in an archive and is observed by several marines.

Luffy and Sanji search for Zoro, learning that Usopp has also been captured.

Commander Jonathan is going through all the suspicious people in his office who are currently in the naval base.

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