One Piece Episode 198

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Commander Jonathan sits in his office and develops a plan to capture the Straw Hat Pirates. Since Zoro is the only one of the Straw Hat Pirates to be captured so far, Jonathan asks Major Drake to interrogate him. He himself makes his way to the team mess.

Once in prison, Major Drake wants to know from Zoro, who has just gotten up, what the Straw Hat Pirates’s plan is and how they made it to Navarone’s base. Although Zoro tells the truth, Major Drake won’t believe him, yells at him and rubs Zoro’s head with his fists.

Meanwhile, Nami complains about a cleaning lady’s choice of clothes, which she used as a cover, because the work as a cleaning lady is very exhausting. Namely, she has to clean a large storage room.

Through the conversation of some marines, Chopper, who has hidden in a bucket, learns that, except for Zoro, everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates is fine. However, he is discovered by marines a short time later, which is why he has to flee.

Nami, done with her work, is tired of being disguised as a cleaning lady. When she hears the screams of Chopper and the marines, she hides in a small storage room. In the storeroom, she notices several nurses’ clothes, which she also puts on.

Chopper runs until he arrives in front of a large locked door, but he is able to unlock it. He then enters the room. The marines that were chasing him look around the room briefly, but can’t find Chopper because he’s hiding behind a crate. After the soldiers disappear, he goes into a crate that is full of deer antlers. Once again, people from the Navy arrive, this time transporting the box of deer antlers to the infirmary to make medicine out of them. However, they don’t suspect anything about Chopper.

Nami likes her clothes as a nurse, but is quickly brought into the infirmary by other nurses to help the injured.

Since many marines were injured by a typhoon, many need surgery. Currently, the only doctor on the naval base is Doctor Kobato, because the others are at a congress. But Doctor Kobato is only a pediatrician, she can’t see blood, so she immediately faints at the sight of a wounded man. But Chopper, dressed as a doctor, comes to the rescue and convinces Doctor Kobato to resume operations.

When Major Drake finds out about Chopper, he goes to the infirmary. But before he gets to see Chopper and Nami, Doctor Kobato forbids him to enter. Therefore, Major Drake leaves the infirmary again.

Doctor Kobato has completed all the operations and thanks Chopper for his help. Chopper transforms back into his normal form, yet Doctor Kobato remains completely calm.

Commander Jonathan is still grinning on his way to the crew mess.

Luffy and Sanji, dressed as kitchen help, have to cut onions. Sanji and Luffy figure out how they are going to leave the base. This proves difficult, however, as Luffy is fooling around and Sanji wants to see Jessica.

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