One Piece Episode 194


After the great feast of joy, Usopp, Sanji and Chopper decide to steal the Shandia’s gold and leave Skypiea with the The Going Merry. Meanwhile, the Shandia and the Sky People have found the Golden Bell and the Bell Tower, which was still hanging on Giant Jack after Enel’s Inferno. When Nico Robin shows up there, she finds a poneglyph showing that 20 years ago Gold Roger, King of the Pirates was there and relayed his message. The Shandia chief gives Nico Robin a pillar of the bell tower as a thank you, which is then transported to the Going Merry by the warriors. Meanwhile, Luffy and the others have stolen the gold, and when Nico Robin and the Shandia show up with the giant pillar that looks like a cannon, they think that their theft has been discovered and want to make a quick getaway.

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