One Piece Episode 188


Mont Blanc Noland’s men and Mouse, who turns out to be Kalgara’s daughter, are to be sacrificed to the gods to drive away the tree fever. Mont Blanc Noland manages to convince Kalgara at the last second that he has the only true antidote for tree fever, and shortly thereafter all the inhabitants of Shandia Village are on the road to recovery. Mont Blanc Noland and Kalgara strike up a friendship and Kalgara leads him to the golden bell, the “Light of Shandora”! Mont Blanc Noland and his men conduct research in the woods, including cutting down lots of trees. As a result, the mood in the village takes a turn. It eventually gets to the point where they are told to leave the island as soon as possible. When Mont Blanc Noland refuses to marry Kalgara’s daughter Mouse, the situation becomes even more threatening.


  • This is the first episode where none of the Straw Hats make an appearance, not even in the recap of the previous episode or as a flashback.
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