One Piece Episode 187


The Shandia chief tells little Wyper how Kalgara, the great warrior of the Shandia, and Mont Blanc Noland met 400 years ago. Mont Blanc Noland was once again traveling with his crew to search for and explore rare plants on the Grand Line. When he goes ashore on Jaya, he finds that there is a tree fever epidemic ravaging the people. Kalgara and the locals want to offer the girl Mouse as a sacrifice to the gods to save their village, but Mont Blanc Noland intervenes and frees her. As a result, he and his crew are captured and are to be executed, but Mont Blanc Noland strikes a deal with the Shandia chief: He will attempt to eradicate tree fever by the next day; if he fails, he and his crew will accept punishment. Shortly after he sets off, an earthquake breaks out on the island, Mont Blanc Noland is in grave danger as Kalgara is already on his tail.

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