One Piece Episode 186


After Sanji commits sabotage on the Maxim Ark, he is finished off by Enel, but Usopp manages to get his friend off the Maxim Ark with great difficulty. Aisa and Luffy, whose right hand is forged to a gold sphere, are on the lookout for Enel and encounter Nico Robin, who is with the badly injured Zoro, Wyper, Gan Fall and Chopper at the island cloud on Giant Jack. Luffy now wants to continue on his way to Maxim’s Ark to finally put a stop to the criminal god. In the meantime, Enel has managed to get his Maxim Ark back on track and now sets about continuing his work of destruction. He gives the starting signal for the Feast of 10,000 Thunderstorms and the citizens of Angel Island flee in panic.

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