One Piece Episode 175


In search of Luffy and the others, Chopper climbs up Giant Jack and meets the priest Ohm. When he explains to Ohm that he wants to look for gold up there, the priest wants to deliver him from his worldly desires. Chopper now has his fair share of trouble fending off the priest Ohm. Laki finds the badly injured Mantis, who asks her to stop Wyper, who is on his way to Enel’s place of worship. With his devil powers, Enel is far too strong and the Shandia warriors can’t possibly stand up to him. Luffy is still traveling around the huge cave, looking for an exit. He tries everything he can and has to run to safety from an earthquake and water rushing in. In the process, he wakes up a giant boa that attacks Nami and Aisa above, who eventually end up in the Upper Yard. Zoro is also attacked by the beast and flees with the Southbird, who eventually drops him on Giant Jack, where he meets Ohm.

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