One Piece Episode 154


The Snow White Sea, Skypiea: The ship is transported upwards on a spiral cloud shaped like a river. Outside the exit is a sign that reads ‘Godland Skypiea’. Once at the top, the Straw Hat Pirates catches sight of the sky island of Skypiea, lying in the snow-white sea. Luffy, Chopper and Usopp immediately explore the beach, while Zoro drops anchor. Nami releases the South Bird and follows Sanji to the beach. Robin is amazed at how much fun traveling can be. Along with Zoro, she too heads to the beach. Luffy has spotted a tree with nuts and tries to eat them. He grits his teeth on them and can’t get them open.

Chopper and Nami lie down on armchairs formed from clouds. A melody plays and the Straw Hats catch sight of a woman with wings playing a harp on a hill. She greets the gang with the phrase ‘navel’. With her is a cloud fox named Sue. Her own name is Conis. They are currently on Angel Beach of Skypiea. She shows Luffy how to open the nuts so he can drink Konash. The shell is rock hard on top, but you can drill a hole in the bottom with a knife. Luffy is delighted with the taste.

Nami wants information from Conis when from the sea Conis’ father appears on a craft that turns out to be a Waver. A similar one to the Waver found by Luffy. Conis’ father slows down by crashing into a tree, he introduces himself as Pagaya and has just caught Sky Lobster, a delicacy in Skypiea. He invites her to dinner. When asked how the Waver can sail without a sail, she asks Conis if they don’t know Dial energy.

The Waver has only one accelerator and brake pedal. Luffy tries out the Waver, but can’t control it and falls into the sea. He also can’t swim in the Sea of Clouds, just like Chopper, and is rescued by Sanji and Zoro. To be able to control the Waver, you have to be able to calculate the sea and the waves, as he is very light and thus gets rocked by the smallest waves. It takes ten years of practice to be able to control it. Nami manages it on her first try, something Pagaya has never experienced. Luffy is jealous of Nami and wishes she would fall. Nami wants to ride the Waver some more, whereupon the rest make their way to Pagaya’s house.

They climb a big, long staircase. As they do so, they pass a cloudburst where clouds are hewn. Pagaya explains to them there are two types of clouds, sea clouds and island clouds. The Milky Way that the Straw Hat Pirates came to Skypiea on was an island cloud. On Skypiea, there exists a component of sea stones, pairobroin. When this is carried into the sky by an explosion, it creates island clouds or sea clouds, depending on their density. These clouds condense differently than normal clouds. The density can also be changed by pressing, this is how the armchairs and the Milky Way were created.

Skypiea, Pagaya’s House: The house is far above the sea and you can see Nami on the Waver. Luffy speaks into a conch and insults Usopp. When he presses the top afterwards, the conch repeats the sentence he said. Conis explains to them how the dial-snails work. The snail just now was a sound dial, which stores sounds. The snails live on the edge of the shore. There are many different kinds of dials that store different things. The bigger the snail, the bigger the storage. The waver is powered by a wind dial. There are also skateboard waver and boat waver. Light dial, fire dial, scent dial, and image dial are some of the dials Conis lists. The slugs last forever, which is why Luffy’s waver should still work.

Sanji and Pagaya prepare the food and serve seafood au ciel. While everyone is eating, Sanji looks out to sea and can’t see Nami. Pagaya is also worried. Conis tells them about a forbidden place near Skypiea. The Upper Yard is sacred because God dwells there. Nami stands in front of an island with solid ground and huge trees.

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