One Piece Episode 145


The turtle that swallowed the sunken ship along with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Masira appears in front of the two ships. They are still connected to the wreck through the hoses. Robin and Nami order the hoses to be cut. Suddenly it becomes pitch black, too early for night. Luffy is thrown onto the ship, followed by Zoro and Sanji, who immediately give the order to leave. They tell of an argument with Masira when he noticed they had bagged some of the loot. Only now do they notice the turtle.

Masira shows up and jumps on the The Going Merry. He demands the treasures back. His crew warns him. Everyone freezes and is shocked as three giant shadowy figures with wings look down on them in the dark mist. Immediately, the Straw Hat Pirates sets sail and flees from the shadows. Later, they sit on the The Going Merry in daylight and talk about the eventful day. Masira is also sitting in the group, but he is immediately kicked off the boat by Luffy, Zoro and Sanji when they notice him.

In a dark cave on an island, Buggy the Clown is searching for Captain John’s legendary treasure with Mohji and Cabaji. Suddenly, the lights come on and they meet a tunneling crew, whom they immediately help. After an explosion, they return to their ship. They talk about the Straw Hats’ new bounties, which Buggy thinks are good. The higher the bounty for Luffy, the higher yours will be if they catch him. Alvida wants to know how they’re going to catch him without knowing his position. Buggy points to Portgas D. Ace says he will lead them to him. Ace has come for the delicious smell and is about to take some food. Some recognize him as a division chief from Whitebeard. Buggy forbids his crew to touch him. He has met him before and calls him a monster who will not let a comrade’s death go unavenged. Whitebeard is as strong as Gold Roger, he’s going to get the One Piece. Ace, who fell asleep in between, wakes up and they all have a party.

Nami accuses the boys of bringing back nothing but junk from their dive and that all this won’t help them up there. They defend themselves by saying that nothing else has been down there. Sanji notes that either the ship was robbed or the crew must have mutinied.

Robin shows Nami, who rushes off in a rage, an Eternal Port she stole from the gorilla. The Eternal Port shows the way to Jaya. Luffy immediately wants to set course there, but Usopp notes that if he does, the log port will lose its setting to the Sky Islands. After some back and forth, Luffy decides to travel to Jaya anyway.

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