One Piece Episode 144


The Straw Hats are on their way to the next island when they suddenly notice something raining from the sky. They discover that it is not rain, but a ship. The enormous wave causes the The Going Merry to rock, causing the crew to panic. Later, they puzzle over the sudden origin of the flying object. Now Nami notices that her log port seems to be broken, as it points to the sky. Robin, however, explains to her that the log port may be pointing at Sky Island. Luffy is immediately excited by the thought and wants to leave immediately. At this, Nami is of the opinion that no island in the sky can exist, and that the log port has given up the ghost. Robin, however, points out to her that a log port is always right.

A short time later, the pirates have investigated the ship that fell from the sky, and dragged a coffin onto the The Going Merry. While Luffy and Usopp go to explore the ship, Robin examines a corpse she found in the coffin. She finds two holes in the head of the skull bone. Contrary to Sanji’s opinion, she explains that he probably succumbed to a brain tumor, which Chopper, as the ship’s doctor, can confirm. However, in his opinion, the surgical method is long outdated. Robin now discovers that the ship has been sailing the seas for 208 years, and at some point disappeared into the sky.

Robin is determined to investigate the ship, however she finds that it has already sunk, and so have Luffy and Usopp. Usopp, however, managed to save the non-swimmer. The latter presents his gang with an old map he found on the ship. As they learn about the location of the island, Luffy gets into a small argument with Nami about the existence of Sky Island as well as Luffy’s silly happy dance.

The Straw Hats now want to salvage the ship, as they hope to find more information about Skypiea there. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji dive down into the deep sea in diving suits built by Usopp and discover, to Usopp’s horror, that the sea is teeming with monsters. Meanwhile, the others notice a ship on the horizon, also salvaging the ship. The captain of the gang introduces himself as Masira. He threatens the Straw Hats with trouble if they don’t get their hands off “his” ship immediately. After a brief conversation, Masira’s men discover that his ship’s divers have been beaten up. He warns the Straw Hats of the impending danger, but they already know who is to blame: Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. Masira’s crew now begins to salvage the St. Briss.

Luffy, meanwhile, finds an old waver at the bottom of the sea. While the Straw Hats look around the ship some more, they notice that the ship is already being salvaged. While Nami, Usopp, and Chopper wonder about Masira’s salvage methods, the Straw Hats inside the St. Briss attack Masira’s diver, which he doesn’t like. He immediately jumps into the water to save his comrades, but is attacked by a sea serpent in the process, which he manages to drive off with ease. As the Straw Hats wonder about the sudden appearance of an air bubble inside the ship, Masira shows up at their house. The Straw Hats hit it off with the monkey right away, but don’t notice the giant turtle, which swims right up to them and swallows them. Nami and Robin as well as Usopp and Chopper are stunned and paralyzed with fear when they see the turtle appear.

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