One Piece Episode 143

This article contains information taken only from the anime, not the manga.
For more information on this, see Filler Episodes.


Mayor Wetton has used the Rainbow Tower to connect to the Rainbow Nebula and take all the treasure there. Rapa Nui and Luffy, catapulted out of the Nebula into another sphere, manage to return to the Going Merry. When Wetton explodes the rainbow tower, a hole is created in the mist and our friends manage to escape with Rapa Nui’s help. Shortly after, the naval officer Pasqua shows up and captures Wetton and his gang. It turns out that Pasqua is actually Rapa Nui, who has aged appropriately after time stood still in the Grave of the Galleys. Now everything seems fine, but suddenly black chunks start raining from the sky.

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