One Piece Episode 141

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Henzo, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Nico Robin are trapped in the Rainbow Nebula with their ship and are desperately trying to get out. They finally meet Henzo’s friends Akibi, Rapa Nui, Bukau, Rongo and Isoka, who have remained children. Professor Henzo, who has spent 50 years researching the Rainbow Nebula, is at his wit’s end and asks Rapa Nui for help. But he doesn’t want to know anything about Henzo. He thinks he is a traitor, a stooge of Wetton. Finally the Den-den Mushi rings and Flip, Wetton’s son, calls. Henzo asks him to get him and his friends out of the Rainbow Nebula. Sanji, Nami, and Chopper, overhearing the conversation in Ruluka, grab a security system the professor has invented for the fog and go to rescue their friends.

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