One Piece Episode 138

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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After Zenny comes down from the mountain with his pirate ship, he and his gang of goats take on the criminal Sergeant Minchey and his men. Eventually, a fight breaks out between Minchey and Zenny. Things look bad for the old hermit, but Nico Robin is able to save him at the last second. Zenny has a weak heart and has been badly affected by the fight, but Chopper manages to bring the old man back to health. Finally, Zenny confesses what happened to the money he brought with him to the island many years ago. Back when he washed ashore, there was a herd of goats that ate up all the money, but then became his best friends and companions. Luffy delivers Minchey to Captain Moor, who thanks him by not attacking him at the moment and giving him a head start. Our friends now bid farewell to Zenny and leave him plenty of supplies. The old man has resolved to make his lifelong dream come true and become a pirate.

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