One Piece Episode 137

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Luffy and his friends realize that Zenny is actually perfectly healthy and no longer needs their help. They want to leave the island, but Nami has used the Going Merry as a pawn in a chess game with Zenny and keeps losing. Luckily, Nico Robin manages to win the ship back. Zenny tells his life story and it turns out that he used to be a moneylender to fulfill his big life dream. He wanted to be a pirate. In that deal, he took a lot of money from a pirate gang many years ago that they owed him and that he now has stashed somewhere on the island. Sergeant Minchey has a plan: He tries to lure Luffy and his friends away from the island with a trick, in order to then grab Zenny’s treasure together with his corporal. Captain Moore is supposed to be lurking in the background, whom the Straw Hat Pirates wants to render harmless. But Minchey’s plan fails. At the last second, Zenny launches the ship he built on top of the mountain and, together with his herd of goats, attacks the navy.

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