One Piece Episode 134

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The Straw Hat Pirates is sailing across the sea in the rain, almost all the members are sitting in the kitchen quietly keeping themselves busy. Luffy complains about being bored and looks for something to do. At one point, he becomes interested in the book Robin is reading, much to the shock of the rest of his crew. Before he can look into it further, however, Zoro enters the kitchen and reports a sighting of an island.

The Straw Hat Pirates goes ashore on Fireworks Island, leaving only Zoro behind as the ship’s guardian. In town, they learn of a fireworks festival that evening, held annually by the fireworks master and his granddaughter. Usopp wants to meet the master and goes up the mountain under the pretext of buying some black powder.

Usopp meets the Master, a grouchy man named Odama, who doesn’t think much of him. Nevertheless, he persists and follows Odama into the house, where he finds a giant bullet bomb. There he also meets Odama’s granddaughter Kodama and helps her prepare for the evening’s festival. In the process, Usopp learns that Kodama’s parents were killed during the previous year’s festival due to a faulty launcher for the giant bullet bomb. She still wants to fulfill her parents’ dream this year and detonate the bullet bomb against her grandfather’s wishes.

Usopp does not agree to assist Kodama in her dangerous venture and heads back to town alone. At the same time, some helpers appear at the workshop with Odama and forbid Kodama from detonating the giant bullet bomb, whereupon she leaves the workshop disappointed.

Near the town, Usopp sees her running away and makes a plan. He follows Kodama to her parents’ grave and pretends to be the voice of her parents. This way, he can convince Kodama that her parents didn’t only care about the giant ball bomb, but also Kodama and that she should do the festival even without the giant bomb.

In the evening, the Straw Hat Pirates and the townspeople stand on the beach and admire Kodama’s magnificent fireworks display. Meanwhile, Usopp has converted the workshop’s tower into a launcher and, after Kodama has set off her fireworks, successfully launches the giant bullet bomb. Kodama is thrilled by the sight and feels vindicated to continue following her parents’ path.

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