One Piece Episode 133

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The Straw Hat Pirates is sailing the The Going Merry in a thick fog. Usopp notices that they are surrounded by naval ships.

At the railing of a naval ship stands a boy with a kettle. He sees the skull of the Straw Hats, is frightened and falls off the ship. Robin rescues him with the help of her devil powers. The boy wakes up on the Going Merry and briefly panics. Sanji offers him soup to help him recover from the fall, but the boy refuses to eat the soup at first because it was made by a pirate. Despite all this, he admires the quality of Sanji’s soup and eats it. He introduces himself as Tajio and says he is a kitchen apprentice. Tajio explains why he was standing dreamily by the railing. The Navy is always hosting captains’ curry dinners on different ships. Today would have been Tajio’s ship’s turn to host this meal. While carrying the kettle of curry, Tajio slipped on a broom and almost spilled the entire dish. Now he is supposed to prepare a new curry, but this is downright impossible for him, as he has not yet been allowed to cook in his six months of training.

He immediately rejects Nami’s suggestion to change ships, saying that he has the best chance of finding the Allblue on a Navy warship.

Luffy takes Sanji and Tajio to a naval ship with a gum-gum missile. The three of them split up. While Luffy is wreaking havoc in the storeroom and stealing apples, the Straw Hats’ Cook and Tajio head to the kitchen. Sanji explains that during his training, he was also not allowed to cook and always had to wash dishes. He realized during that time that you have to learn how to cook for yourself. The boy remembers what the chef said about curry and tries to recreate it. Through inconspicuous hints, Sanji prevents Tajio from making mistakes in cooking. At the same time, Luffy is climbing around on the mast of the navy ship and is spotted by a soldier.

Tajio has finished the curry dish and meets Sanji at the railing. Now Luffy also joins the two, he is pursued by marines. Using a gum-gum rocket, he and Sanji fly back to the The Going Merry. The captains’ curry dinner has begun and everyone is excited about Tajio’s dish.

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