One Piece Episode 132

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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The Going Merry is cruising along comfortably and the boys are fishing. Then Luffy suddenly pulls a large sea snail on board, from which a salesman named Rice Rice jumps, who is equipped with a huge catalog and a great range of goods. He tries to sell the crew all sorts of things, but only really succeeds with Nami, who is desperate to buy some sheets of his super paper to draw her nautical charts on. When Rice Rice realizes how keen Nami is on the paper, he demands a horrendous price. That’s when Sanji intervenes and says he’ll buy the paper and to be able to pay for it, he wants to turn Luffy over to the Navy and collect the posted reward. That’s when Rice Rice suddenly realizes he’s on a pirate ship and he leaves without taking any of his goods or asking for money. Nami then retreats, overjoyed, to draw her sea charts, while Usopp and Luffy just fool around on board. When Luffy slips on a soap and rattles right into Nami’s newly drawn chart, however, Nami gets pissed off and kicks the boys out, saying anyone who disturbs again will have to pay a hundred thousand berry fine. When a tornado suddenly appears, Chopper doesn’t have the heart to tell Nami. By the time Nami realizes for herself that the whole boat is shaking, it’s almost too late. But of course, with Nami’s help, the crew manages to get the The Going Merry safely past the tornado.

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