One Piece Episode 131

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It’s early in the morning, Nami, who has been sleeping on deck, just wakes up to discover a small island in the middle of the ocean. While Nami announces the news of seeing an island, Zoro and Sanji are once again arguing. Shortly after, the Straw Hat Pirates decide to dock at the island and explore.

When they arrive, Sanji discovers that there are many pineapples on this island, thinking that pineapples can be stored well and therefore should be collected some, Nami now assigned Zoro, Luffy and Usopp to collect pineapples, with which Zoro does not quite agree, since Nami is not the captain and therefore would not have to give him orders. Chopper is supposed to stay on the ship during this time to guard it, and Nami and Sanji wanted to survey the island during this time so Nami could make a map of the island.

Chopper, who thinks he’s alone on board, imagines being the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates himself for once. While he’s playing out the various scenes, he suddenly notices Nico Robin, who, having only recently joined the gang and also being a member of the Baroque Company, is still very scary to him. So he runs below deck to hide and make some rumble balls first. Meanwhile, Nico Robin also comes below deck to make himself some coffee, but Chopper doesn’t notice this.

Now Chopper thinks of the time with his teacher, Dr. Kureha. During his training he was never allowed to make medicine, so he always did it secretly, but one day, when he wanted to make medicine secretly again, Dr. Kureha suddenly came into the room. Out of hecticness he mixed some medicines with each other and from this mixture the Rumble Ball was created.

Suddenly, Chopper notices that Nico Robin was also in the room. Still suspicious, he thinks Robin wants to steal his Rumble Balls and then murder him in cold blood. Out of fear, Chopper hastily takes one of his Rumble Balls and demonstrates all of his fighting techniques to her. As he cockily leaps over Nico Robin, in his Double Jumppower form, he crashes into some barrels of water. The leaking water spills over the coffee that Nico Robin had made for himself. Robin laughs at Chopper’s mishap, as she doesn’t want Chopper’s Rumble Balls at all and doesn’t want to murder Chopper, but Nico Robin points out to Chopper that they are now out of water and must now go to the island to get more.

Usopp refuses to work in such beautiful weather, while Luffy makes acquaintance with some monkeys. Zoro still doesn’t see fit to take orders from Nami. Out of sheer anger, he now uses one of his battle techniques, creating a strong wind in a rising spiral shape. This wind causes a number of pineapples to fall from the trees directly into his collection basket, though some also fall on Zoro’s head, which in turn makes Zoro even angrier.

Robin and Chopper finally find a small lake where they fill up their water. Suddenly Robin approaches Chopper about Dr. Kureha, so Chopper tells her that he got everything he knew about medicine from her, that she likes to drink alcohol and that she looks like a pirate. Chopper again remembers some events from when he had lived with Dr. Kureha. Chopper was once again secretly trying to make medicine when Dr. Kureha entered the room. She was drunk again, as she had been many times before, but all of a sudden she collapsed because she had a terrible fever. Before this Chopper had always complained that he always had to read books, but was never allowed to treat a patient himself. But now Dr. Kureha said that she was Chopper’s first patient. If he treated her right, she would live on, if he treated her wrong, she would die! In the end, he made the right medicine and nursed her back to health.

After the story, Nico tells Robin that they need to go back to the ship now because she wants to be back before it gets dark.

Finally, the Straw Hat Pirates sit on the beach by the campfire laughing and eating. Zoro and Sanji are once again arguing. When Chopper is asked what he did all day, he answers that he did nothing special, but it was a nice day.

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