One Piece Episode 130


Vivi says a tearful goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates on the shores of Arabasta, as she had chosen to stay in Arabasta and not go with the Straw Hat Pirates as planned. However, the princess of the desert state wants to know if she is still part of the Straw Hat Pirates if they should meet again someday, which is confirmed to her by the Straw Hats with the secret mark on her left arm.

In the meantime, Hina and her fleet have defeated and captured the Bon Kurei gang, when suddenly one of the prisoners tries to attack Hina, which she is able to fend off with her devil power.

After peace has returned to Arabasta, King Cobra gives a speech in Arbana, which is broadcast throughout the country by means of Den-den Mushis, so that Toto and Koza in Yuba can also listen.

Meanwhile, Chaka contemplates Pell’s grave. He still cannot believe that Pell, one of the protectors of the land, should suddenly be dead. At the same time, the warrior Arabastas suddenly appears at a small rescue station in the desert. Miraculously, he did not die in his rescue mission, but survived it badly injured and was nursed back to health by a doctor at the station. Now he wants to return to Arbana as a hero of the people.

The Straw Hat Pirates, after saying goodbye to Vivi, is once again pursued by naval ships. Since the The Going Merry has a hole in its hull and is slowing down as a result, the Straw Hat Pirates have to come up with a way to escape the naval ships. As Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji are about to get ready to fight, they stumble upon some large harpoons that Usopp has deposited on the ship. As the naval ships are getting ready to attack, Luffy throws the large harpoons at the enemy ships, destroying them.

Meanwhile, Vivi is making her way home to Arbana with her racing duck Karoo. Meanwhile, she thinks of her friends, the Straw Hat Pirates, and the adventures they have had together.

Meanwhile, on the Going Merry, Nico Robin suddenly comes out of the cabin, visibly shocking the crew. The Straw Hats are about to get ready to fight when they learn from Robin that she only came to the ship with peaceful intentions. She tells them that Luffy saved her against her will and she has no place to return to, which is why she wants to become a member of the Straw Hat gang. The crew is shocked, as Nico Robin was a member of the Baroque until recently. However, Luffy agrees to the shock of the others. Some other members of the crew are still very suspicious of Robin, especially Nami. However, when Nico shows Robin the jewels of Crocodile, Nami’s opinion changes abruptly. Eventually, Nico is able to convince Robin of her peaceful intentions to every member of the Straw Hat Pirates, except for Zoro.

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