One Piece Episode 129


The people in front of the royal palace are getting impatient. The people have been waiting for two hours for Vivi to give her speech. Finally, she begins to tell over loudspeakers how it all started and how she met Luffy and her friends. Meanwhile, Luffy and his squad are in grave danger. Miss Hina has surrounded them with her Black Cage formation, and things are looking pretty bad. That’s when Mr.2 has an idea: he and his crew sacrifice themselves for their new friends by transforming into them to distract Miss Hina from them. Luffy and his friends manage to escape, and Mr.2’s ship is sunk by the Navy. After escaping, the Straw Hats head to the East Port to pick up Vivi. Vivi is there too and it turns out that Igaram has disguised herself as a princess and appeared before the people. However, the princess has only come to say goodbye to her friends. She loves her home and wants to stay in Arabasta. As they say goodbye, they show each other the crosses tattooed on their arms, the sign of their friendship.


  • The episode title for this episode was already used for episode 46.
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