One Piece Episode 126


Vivi and the straw-hatted pirates present look stunned to the sky after Pell’s sacrifice. The explosion of the bomb briefly halts the battle between the rebels and the king’s arms, but soon the fight is back in full swing. Vivi shouts down to the square from the clock tower for them to stop, but she is not heard.

In the collapsing catacombs of the mausoleum, the fight between Crocodile and Luffy seems to be over, but the Straw Hat is able to get up one last time. Crocodile attacks again with his poison hook, but Luffy is able to dodge and destroy the poison hook. Now the pirate captain attacks the Shichibukai with some hard attacks, leaving him on the ground, thinking of the time when he didn’t know Luffy and thought he was just one of those weak pirates. But he’s not down yet and extends a blade from his gold hook, which he uses to attack Luffy in surprise, but he dodges it again and kicks Crocodile into the ceiling of the catacombs. Seeing no other way to defeat Luffy, Crocodile now intends to bring the catacombs down for good with a sand tornado. But the Straw Hat jumps up and hurls the crocodile with the Gomu Gomu no Storm through the meter-thick ceiling of the mausoleum, so that it flies away in the high ground. The force of the attack causes several surrounding buildings to collapse. King Cobra is stunned by Luffy’s fight.

Meanwhile, Vivi and the other Straw Hat Pirates try to keep the King’s Arms and the rebels from fighting. They notice Crocodile flying away and know that he is finally defeated, which they are very relieved about. Vivi thinks back to the time she learned of Crocodile’s plans and the start of the riots, and wonders why this war still can’t end now. Meanwhile, Koza, the leader of the rebels, is wounded in battle. Lying on the ground, he remembers Toto’s words that it will rain again. Suddenly, it actually begins to rain. The fighters are astonished and pause. Then they burst into cheers. The war is over.

King Cobra thanks Luffy for saving Arabasta from Crocodile, but Luffy just casually says that was no problem.

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