One Piece Episode 122


Arbana, Royal Palace: Vivi has been defeated by Crocodile, but is saved by Luffy and the approaching Pell. Luffy wants to attack the crocodile. To do so, he carries a barrel of water on his back. At first, the crocodile doesn’t know what the straw hat is going to do with it and doesn’t take Luffy’s attack seriously. However, when he tries to dissolve into sand to avoid the attack, it fails as his ability is blocked by the water from the barrel on Luffy’s hands. Hit and bleeding from the mouth, he goes down, but when the Straw Hat asks him to get back up to continue fighting, he just laughs.

Square in front of the palace: Meanwhile, the battle between the rebels and the king’s army is in full swing in front of the palace. Vivi, Pell, and the rest of the Straw Hats are thinking about where the bomb that is supposed to explode in ten minutes might be placed. They also worry about the terrible effects this explosion, with a radius of five kilometers, would have on the population. When they are suddenly attacked by some Billions, Zoro and Sanji stop the agents while the others go off to look for the bomb. However, the swordsman and the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates are able to quickly disable the agents.

Royal Palace: While King Cobra learns from Miss Bloody Sunday that Luffy is the man who brought Vivi back to Arabasta, Crocodile tells Luffy that he is one of the Shichibukai, which does not impress him. He attacks again, but Crocodile is able to dodge and drain Luffy’s arm of water, leaving him to resupply with water from his barrel. Now Crocodile goes on the attack. His Desert Spada splits the floor of the palace in two, but the Straw Hat is able to dodge. He tries to hit the Baroque boss again, but in his counterattack he loses his barrel, which he can only catch at the last moment. Luffy then drinks the barrel completely, so he can’t lose his water supply anymore. This allows the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates to inflict serious damage on the crocodile with a gum-gum bazooka.

Meanwhile, Miss Bloody Sunday frees King Cobra and orders him to finally lead her to the Poneglyph. Crocodile tells her to get to safety, whereupon she leaves the scene of the fight with the King. Crocodile quickly recovers and uses his Ground Secco to make the entire area dry up, causing even the floor of the palace the two are standing on to collapse. He then uses Ground Death and dries up everything in his surroundings to the point where anything that touches the ground turns to dust. Even Luffy’s sandals disintegrate.

Meanwhile Vivi, Pell and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are looking for the bomb, but they just can’t find it. In between, Usopp and Zoro think they’ve found the bomb, but it’s just an old stone cannon.

King Cobra and Miss Bloody Sunday encounter Tashigi and some marines. The Baroque special agent professes her hatred for the World Government and threatens to kill them all if they don’t let her pass. At this point, King Cobra also speaks up and informs the Navy about the bomb that is set to explode in the square in front of the palace at four-thirty, at which point Tashigi orders them to first free King Cobra and then help find the bomb. Miss Bloody Sunday then incapacitates most of the marines as announced. When one of the marines recognizes the agent as Nico Robin and declares that she has a bounty of 79,000,000 berries, Tashigi orders the remaining marines to search for the bomb in order to face the Baroque agent alone. However, she too stands no chance against Mr. 0’s partner and is quickly defeated.

In the meantime, Crocodile has managed to grab Luffy so that he can extract the water from him. Luffy manages to shoot three more balls of water from his mouth, but the crocodile dodges and the balls fly skyward.

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