One Piece Episode 112


Outside Arbana, the special agents have gathered and are discussing the situation. They want to stop Vivi at all costs. Suddenly, six racing ducks run towards them. The people on the racing ducks are hooded, so the Special Agents can’t see who Vivi is. The ducks cleverly split into three groups and the Special Agents follow them separately. No one is in front of Arbana now. Vivi is free to move about. She places herself in front of the city gate to stop the rebels. The rebels race towards Arbana. Koza notices Vivi, but at that moment a cannonball hits in front of her and everything is full of dust. Koza thinks it was a figment of her imagination and rides on. Although Chaka didn’t give the soldiers an order to fire, one did, a smuggled-in agent of the Baroque Works who had infiltrated the army. The army starts shooting and the fight begins. Suddenly Usopp appears on a horse in front of Vivi, but he is really Mr.2 and Vivi realizes it too.

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